Jul 272021

There is an old saying in politics, if you want to piss everyone off – dual endorse. Well, there are 24 Republicans running on a blanket ballot so the dynamic is completely different. I am endorsing Doug Ose for Governor.

I am not being paid by any recall campaigns at this time, and my primary nexus of interest is stopping Kevin Faulconer because of the antics insiders have been employing to try and elevate the scandal-riddled far-left Republican. In the case of Doug Ose, I like the guy and I decided I wanted to endorse him.

Unlike Faulconer, as Doug Ose has aged he has become more conservative. Ose was also an original Trump supporter, something Kiley, Elder, Faulconer, Cox and the others can not claim.

I used to be completely at odds with Ose, having eviscerated him in 2008 when he ran against McClintock for Congress. The stark contrast in Ose’s actions since when juxtaposed with McClintock discarding most of his most loyal supporters in favor of a charlatan who left California 10 year ago is compelling. Ose engaged with CRA in Sacramento County to establish an understanding while McClintock threw the Placer CRA under the bus. The Chairman of the Placer GOP (also a CRA officer) in 2008 saw to it that the Placer GOP endorsed McClintock, which at the time was unheard of. Within 4 years, aided by McClintock, that Chairman was unseated and in Idaho by 2014.

Ose on the other hand has repaid the loyalty shown to him by anyone in spades. I worked for Igor Birman against Ose for Congress in 2014, but I came and helped Ose in the general election. He has never forgotten that as I was the only Birman supporter that did anything demonstrative to help him in the fall. I then had a front row seat to see thousands of ballots left blank in the general election thanks to an organized effort by the tea party. Ami Bera beat Ose in 2014 by less than 6,000 votes, only doing so with the help of the Tea Party’s blank ballot effort.

Had the Tea Party done any research, they’d have realized that Ose had become more conservative than they gave him credit for. The CRA actually endorsed Ose in the fall of 2014.

I’ve also gotten to know some of Ose’s former Congressional Staff. Dan S. and Kim V. are quality people. In fact, every one that I have met that had connections to Ose from his 1998-2004 Service in Congress have proven to be excellent quality people. That should say as much about Ose as anything else I could write.

Should Doug Ose prevail in the recall election, he’d end up being the most conservative governor California has had since the 1980’s, let that sink in.

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  9 Responses to “California Recall Update: Let’s Add Doug Ose to the Endorsement List”

  1. Nope….Ose was a Jeb Bush supporter. He changed to Trump midstream when Bush could get traction. I remember it well. I will ‘pass’ on Ose.

  2. Good post Charlie. Elder was not only a Trump supporter, but actually served on his Administration. Kasich supporting Kiley would not support Trump even as recently a 1/11/21 with HR7- proclaiming trump started an Insurrection. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/03/trump-appoints-larry-elder-tom-fitton-to-trump-administration/

    Elder only Gov candidate who came out to support Trump BEFORE 2016 PRIMARY> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/03/trump-appoints-larry-elder-tom-fitton-to-trump-administration/

  3. West – it is called ACR7. Secondly, OSE was a Trump delegate and an early Trump supporter and he can prove it. You guys both forget I was a jeb bush supporter before I went to work for Ben Carson and I knew who supported him.

  4. Aaron, I remember the Day on KFBK that Ose announced he was supporting Trump, and no longer supporting Jeb Bush. It is what is is, and Ose worked with the Abernathy Group (McCarthy) to determine who the ‘anointed’ delegates would be. Spin it how you want….Ose was a Jeb support that jumped ship to Trump when Jeb’s ship started to sink. I would not vote for Ose for anything, I know him too well. He as always been a ‘moderate’ at best, but has fallen out of favor the Abernathy Group because they support Faulconer.

  5. The days of Californian politicians holding their finger in the air and going with the flow are over. With the flood of new conservative websites and blogs the voters have gotten smarter.

    Fool me once (Ose, Kiley, Faulconer & even McClintock) party members should either embrace the MAGA movement or better yet, Make California Great Again movement, or get the hell out of the way.

    When is the last time you checked those robo-email requests for donations? That’s right, smart conservative are donating directly to the candidates and bypassing the Republican Party apparatus.

    We don’t care about the inner workings of a compromised party, we look at the results. And so far from Pete Wilson to Arnold, the results have been terrible.

  6. Paul, you are exactly correct. Ose stuck his finger in the air and found the moderates don’t support him anymore….So now he is a conservative??? Yea Right!

  7. Doug Ose condemned the capital “mob attack” and said we need to move on from a stolen election on January 6th. I’ll pass on endorsing Ose as well. We need grass roots candidates who have a pulse on what the average Trump supporting populist wants and needs in today’s increasingly depraved world.

    How about a real Christian candidate? That’s something I can and will get behind.

  8. Michael and who is the Christian Candidate?

  9. To Paul, Michael and Charlie. You guys sound good. Who is the real conservative, Christian, worthy-of-my-vote, candidate? I’m new to all these people and to this site and I’m getting very conflicting info. Told Kiley is best, yet he takes no real stands on his website. Told Elder is best, yet mixed signals. Who is Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Family, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Trump and not a RINO, not compromised, and trustworthy?

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