Jul 242021

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UPDATE: Stephen Puetz, quoted in the media saying endorsing one candidate would be divisive, is also a member of the CAGOP Executive Committee. That means 8 of the 93 members of that committee work for Kevin Faulconer. NOT ONE PAID STAFFER FOR ANY OTHER CANDIDATE IS ON THAT COMMITTEE. How this is not self-dealing and corrupt I will never know. Puetz and 6 of his fellow Faulconer paid consultants voted yes on the Endorsement Jam Down amendment. 

Yep – within a couple hours of the gavel dropping on the scripted and pre-ordained CAGOP Executive Committee Meeting to codify the Faulconer Endorsement protocol, emails were already hitting the inboxes of delegates.

The Jam Down is the consultant-driven coronation and mortgaging of the CAGOP to Kevin Faulconer. Changing the by-laws was the critical early step. The sham process has been completed.

Blogger’s Note: The CAGOP had hid the bylaws from their website until the jam down was over. They are linked here so you can download them. Similarly, they hid other things that should mysteriously re-appear now that the consultants that control the CAGOP have completed the second phase of the sham process to mortgage the CAGOP to their paycheck.

Just one more step and the CAGOP is all his!

The CAGOP Executive Committee Meeting happened as expected. Billy Essayli – once a top tier puppet of the establishment for his AD60 run, did the heavy lifting so people like David Stafford Reade and Andy Garakhani could hide in the shadows like the career insiders they are. Essayli was tasked with making sure any amendments and suggestions related to the by-laws change were given a partial birth abortion similar to the belief system of the establishment.

You see, the disease that has infested the establishment (beyond their psychotic desire to control people places and things and beyond their financial harlotry) is that they truly believe that those that disagree with liberal democrats like Faulconer are wrong. Even better, when these people drive the CAGOP train in to the abyss, they stand up and blame all the people they shut out of the process and have abused for years. There is a psychological term for this – Narcissistic Abuse.

I am sure David Stafford Reade will be draining a few extra bottles of scotch after this drill. It got media coverage and a lot of scrutiny.

Did you know that 7 paid Faulconer Consultants are on the Executive Committee? Now you know why her Majesty decreed that 59 people would modify the CAGOP’s By-Laws in lieu of the 1400 delegates!

David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani (aka Gimmecandy), Charles Moran, Matt Shupe, Frances Barazza, Mitch Zak and Scott Winn are all on the CAGOP Executive Committee. I believe that Moran and Shupe were not present. No one abstained on the vote, which means the 5 others that were present committed an ethical violation of Robert’s rules by not recusing themselves. Essayli (not on the payroll) to his credit, before serving his consultant master, did request/force the 5 of them to disclose their conflict of interest before voting. (In case it was not clear, those 7 people in the first sentence are on Faulconer’s payroll)

The Jam Down passed 53-6. Rick Marshall and Mark Wright (The Chair of Placer County) fought a battle they knew they were going to lose, forcing a roll call vote and forcing a discussion of what was being done.

The real fireworks happened after the meeting when Andy Gimmecandy went berzerk.

Elvira Moreno was talking to Jessica Patterson and asked her what the CAGOP was going to do about the barrage of “its’ a Republican Recall” ads being run by Gavin Newsom especially during the Olympics.

Andy Garakhani butted in telling Moreno the CAGOP would run ads if she had a $30 million check for the CRP.

Then Gimmecandy blew his stack yelling loudly, calling Moreno a waste of humanity, stated nothing about her is a lady, she is just taking up space, etc – while Jessica Patterson and her cowardly Executive Director Bryan Watkins did nothing.

Yep – Jessica Patterson told Elvira before the confrontation that we latina’s had to stick together, but she refused to call out one of her consultant handlers on his boorish bully behavior. Gimmecandy has a terrible reputation, just like David Stafford Reade for his rage and bullying.

Patterson and Watkins had no problem with their staff calling the FBI on me either, and when it came to policing one of their own – they did nothing while he bullied an older woman. This is yet another example of the corruption, both real and moral of the CAGOP’s leadership.

There were two changes the scrutiny of this process brought – the attempt to make it a 50% +1 endorsement ended up being 60%.

The second is that when they sent out a pre-ordained email after the jam down, it had 20 of the 24 GOP Candidates on it. It was missing Jenny Rae La Roux, Nicholas Wildstar, David Bramante and Joe Symmon… the key here is that delegates were told they could nominate as many as they wanted for the CAGOP endorsement. That is a clear response to your intrepid blogger and others pointing out the 200 signature requirement and its’ effect of limiting the field to just 7 candidates maximum.

This will be continued… but if I am Kevin Faulconer, I am not feeling very good about the 8-7-2021 “Virtual” CAGOP Convention with the same dominion voting systems style software that is being used…

… oh and the By-Law amendment allows proxies at the discretion of the Chair. That is kind of like handing a drunk a case of beer… the proxies are due in Sacramento at noon on Friday 8-6-2021. More on that as we follow up.

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Jam Down Update: Exec Com Meeting Follows the Script, (and included 7 Paid Staff) Andy Garakhani Goes Berzerk and Within Hours Emails Fly”

  1. Gharakhani is one of leaders of ‘New Majority’….Folks it just don’t get any worse!!!

    From ‘Signal Hire’

    According to LinkedIn Andy Gharakhani started working on 1995, then the employee has changed 3 companies and 3 jobs. On average, Andy Gharakhani works for one company for 11 years 4 months. Andy Gharakhani has been working as a Executive Director for New Majority for 5874 days. If you are interested in this candidate, contact him directly by using contact details provided by SignalHire.

    Work Experience
    Executive Director at New Majority (Irvine, CA, United States)
    Jun 2005 – Current

  2. Just to make sure the record is clear, I am on the Rules Committee and did abstain on the vote last Friday. I was not at the Executive Committee meeting on Saturday, as I was being honored with an award by the Young Republicans at their convention in Indianapolis. I have not, and am currently not engaged with any recall candidate campaign, and while I like several of the candidates running for Governor, I will be voting for the CRP not to endorse in the recall election. Question #1 is the most important on the ballot, and candidates should be spending their time talking to CA voters, not CRP delegates.

    Blogger’s note: I consider Charles Moran a friend and thank him for visiting and leaving his comment.

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