Jun 092021

Why are they telling people to send petitions to the wrong address?

The address that I blacked out goes to Gary Crummitt – an LA based political treasurer who was not aware his address is on this email until he got called by some interested parties.
Karen Roseberry and Craig Kleffman run this bogus committee. They are not affiliated with the official recall of George Gascon and are not authorized or legally able to accept petitions according to my understanding of how these things work. I know Karen and I understand some stuff in the background, but I don’t understand why she’d engage in such a public way to disrupt the effort.
The proponents of this effort literally need 580,000 +/- Valid Signatures to put George Gascon on the ballot and they only have 145ish days left to do it! Why is this other group out there complicating the effort? The one accurate representation from the email is that LA County demands all signatures to be delivered at once, further protecting corrupt incumbents and complicating efforts. This puts an exclamation point on the fact they are telling people to send their stuff to another address.
I’ve been told that these folks have actually made off with boxes of signed petitions after events. So, at least they are not trying to go Lincoln Project and grift cash right? Visit their website and a big fat Donate Link is on the homepage.
However they appear to be far more focused on gathering and hoarding petitions. I am not sure why or what the end game is as the emails have no direct ask for cash, just petitions sent to their address as versus the legally recognized recall. They have stolen boxes of petitions from official events, tried to take credit for work that they didn’t do – and are attempting to play political consultant I guess.
They can’t submit petitions to the registrar – they aren’t allowed – only the official proponents are. Note the confusing wording of their email in the above screenshot.
The official committee has raised nearly $1 million dollars, has hundreds of gatherers on the street, has a pro team and is engaged with hundreds more volunteers. Why are these people hindering the effort?
Unlike the Newsom recall where Rescue California did a huge amount of heavy lifting – everything that Kleffman and Roseberry are doing undercuts the ability for this recall to succeed.
Don’t miss this: Kleffman is currently a deputy district attorney in Gascon’s office. Has Gascon dispatched Kleffman to be an agent of chaos?
As a public service – here is the correct website: https://recallgeorgegascon.com/ 
Note the design and layout:

Note the differences. Also: the official petition https://recallgeorgegascon.com/petitionThe correct address:

Mail petition to:

Victims of Violent Crime for the Recall of District Attorney Gascon

20555 Devonshire St., Box 445, Chatsworth, CA 91311

This blog is provided as a public service of Right on Daily. Do not get confused – send your petitions to Chatsworth and please participate with the official www.recallgeorgegascon.com website if you are dedicated to restoring true justice in LA County.

To be continued…

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  One Response to “Recall Gascon Update – Why is One Group Giving Out Inaccurate Information?”

  1. Such disappointing writing, Aaron. What happened to checking sources before merely repeating unfounded gossip that you “heard” (and without citing a single heard source)?

    This does not bode well for your credibility.

    Further, if you had bothered to check sources, you would have seen that Recall Gascon Now is a completely legitimate, authorized, and legal committee registered with ID # 1437685 and formed with the express purpose to Recall Gascon.

    There was a P.O. Box for mailing petitions, which received complaints of petitions being returned to sender, was just one more reason that the safer and more secure physical mailing address to the Recall Gascon Now Campaign Accountant’s office was provided…with Gary providing daily updates to the committee on what’s received.

    I invite your readers to check out Recall Gascon Now for themselves.

    Click here:


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