Jun 142021

After our first post on the Recall Gascon Now website we got quite a bit of feedback. Your intrepid blogger stands 100% behind the content of the first post – especially now that I have obtained some of the early emails from the deceptive shadow campaign.

I call them a shadow campaign because they are not the official campaign and the few, if any signatures they have gathered have not been sent to the official petitioner. There is a stark difference between the three committees that participated qualifying the recall of Gavin Newsolini. The two non-official entities sent their forms to the official recall people to be combined and submitted.

In LA County, you do not get to do that. The communists that control LA County created a rule and all petitions have to be submitted at once and only by the officially recognized petitioner.

Now – take a look at the official site and compare it to the early email from the shadow effort:

There is a strong resemblance and it appears a backlash caused the shadow effort to change their artwork.

Recently, after the first post from your intrepid blogger, this came out from the Shadow Group:

Translation – I don’t like the petitioner so I started a shadow group to get even with them. It is everybody’s recall, but the rules are the rules and ego is a destructive force. Unique gifts only matter when they are productive, otherwise they are no different than finger-paints and a padded cell.

To be continued…

As a public service – here is the correct website: https://recallgeorgegascon.com/ 
Note the design and layout:

Note the differences. Also: the official petition https://recallgeorgegascon.com/petitionThe correct address:

Mail petition to:

Victims of Violent Crime for the Recall of District Attorney Gascon

20555 Devonshire St., Box 445, Chatsworth, CA 91311

This blog is provided as a public service of Right on Daily. Do not get confused – send your petitions to Chatsworth and please participate with the official www.recallgeorgegascon.com website if you are dedicated to restoring true justice in LA County.


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  3 Responses to “Recall Gascon Update: Why Did the Other Group Have to Change Their Branding? Hint: Deception and Causing Confusion”

  1. As a public service announcement, here’s the whole story.

    Recall Gascon Now is a great movement, too.



  2. There is NO official campaign.

    Signatures will all be turned in in one unified manner to the LA County Registrar of Voters by any and all Recall Gascon groups authorized by the proponents on October 27th (as there is nothing prohibiting any number of other groups or PACs from getting involved in the next 4+ month of signature collection.) The submission will need and require all qualified signatures to be submitted to meet the necessary number of signatures.

    If one group tried to submit without having enough signatures, the petitions will be returned for submission of collected signatures once required total is reached on or before October 27th.

    The officially recognized petitioner(s) is/are NOT Heather Siegel Carbone or anyone associated with the so called PAC she exclusively, unilaterally, and solely runs. The 47 proponents who signed the Notice of Intent served to Gascon (and anyone they authorize) are the only ones legally authorized to submit the petitions to the LA County Registrar, and they are not associated with any PAC.

    P.S. Why don’t you do some actual investigating into just who is running the PAC you’re defending, and maybe you’ll learn why Recall Gascon Now actually formed. Clearly you can see from the beginning that they were trying to display a unified effort and have only continued to do so. The post you mention actually came out weeks ago and well before any blog by this alleged “intrepid blogger” who apparently can’t even keep his dates straight.
    Maybe if you do the job you allege yourself to do, you will save these issues from getting exposed by the LA Times and doing real damage to the Gascon Recall effort.

    On second thought, never mind; you’ve obviously and already demonstrated you’re incapable of doing any real investigation and just repeat what you’re paid to blog. Hopefully, though someone with integrity addresses the huge problems with #HoardingHeather #SelfishSiegel #ControllingCarbone

  3. As a public service, here is a website for a very effective, efficient, inclusive RECALL group that actually has an email address to which we can write with questions and a physical mailing address to which we can deliver or mail petitions:


    For questions, email info@recallgasconnow.

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