Jun 162021

Folks – this stuff does not happen in a vacuum. on 6-9-2021 someone caught a tweet containing the following and sent it to me…

Gerald Marcil is a wealthy liberal Republican who poured money in to David Hadley.

Track the progress of this establishment attempt to ram another milquetoast candidate down our throats here: https://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Campaign/Committees/Detail.aspx?id=1437054&session=2021&view=electronic 

A couple of days ago, I was alerted to the leadership of the California Republican Party reviving an effort to ram down an endorsement of Kevin Faulconer by the CAGOP. Amazingly, they are trying to rush the process I believe because the eminent entry of Kevin Kiley has spooked some people. Read about what is now known as “Rule 4” here.

Rule 4 will drop the threshold to 50% for an endorsement. It also allows electronic voting where all five of Kevin Faulconer’s real supporters can cast 650 votes for him and it allows the chemically dependent on proxies chairwoman to allow the use of proxies. This is kind of like handing an alcoholic a case of beer.

Fortunately, for the establishment, Richard Grennell’s ego is gigantic and he refuses to state his intentions. Apparently, he is enjoying the attention he is getting interfering with the entry of another qualified conservative alternative to the trump-hating Faulconer.

And that gets me to this gem from Steve Frank:



Cal Access reports the following donations to the Anti-Recall Newsom effort by the California Democrat Party

Cash:  $750,000

Non Monetary (in kind)   $563,925

From the California Republican Party:

$125,000 donation to Rescue California

$60,000 in non monetary contribution (in-kind)

They also spent $65,000 on polling, digital ads, “infrastructure” and opening a single office in Little Saigon (Orange County), which may actually be an office of the RNC or NRCC for the congressional races. (the $65,000 came from money raised via the Internet for the Recall).

But the $185,000 actually came from the Republican National Committee, not money raised by the CRP.

The California Republican Party has been raising money from the Internet to “remove” Newsom.  Yet the Board of Directors has not approved a budget item for the Recall, no separate account has been set up to collect and spend money on the Recall.  For $25 the CRP will make you a “Founding Member” to Recall Newsom (actually it has already qualified and thousands of people worked to make that happen.

The question now being asked “where did the money go to Recall Newsom sent by donors to the CRP”.  Answer:  It goes to the General Fund to pay salaries and overhead—including the quarter of a million dollars a year to Chair Patterson. And after a year of fund raising, $65,000 actually raised by the Party, went to the Recall.

What is not new is the CAGOP stealing money from the recall with deceptive fundraising. They are far from alone in this. What is not new is the CAGOP getting hammered in the money game.

However I emboldened the new wrinkle. $65,000 for digital ads and polling. It appears that the poll part cost about $50K.

Why is that significant? Typical “Tracking Polls” that take a snapshot of where the “horserace” is at typically cost $15-$20k. This is simply done to measure name ID and a “beauty contest” in a California statewide race.

You would pay $50,000 for a “Benchmark” poll. This is a complicated poll that usually takes 5-10 minutes on the phone with a respondent. This is done to ascertain issues and due to their nature, there has to be an intended beneficiary. Based on information your intrepid blogger has – the CAGOP sent out an email three weeks ago to filch money off the recall citing polling data they had. In the email were context clues on issues consistent with the messaging of Kevin Faulconer.

So – a poll. An expensive, complex poll.

Two weeks later an independent expenditure led by two extremely liberal GOP donors

Then this week an effort to rig an endorsement for Kevin Faulconer.

Not even an FBI visit can distract me from seeing this pattern. Kevin McCarthy will get his man come hell or highwater.

Kevin Kiley? This bus is for you, the CAGOP is already spoken for.

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