Jun 222021

Did you know that Lisa Bartlett is up to her old self-serving tricks again? Remember when your intrepid blogger took off after Bill Brough and people accused Lisa Bartlett of standing up and telling her story to benefit herself? (Brough was to have run to Bartlett’s right for State Senate)

Now – today we have a screwy coalition opposing Lisa Bartlett’s latest move:


This luminary is on the same side as Jon Flash and Diane Harkey. This caused my bs-o-meter to redline.

You see, Lisa Bartlett has had a string of felony stupid, yet self-serving actions. She endorsed John Moorlach despite the fact that John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff covered up the rape of Trish Todd while waiting for $44K in consulting fees to be paid by Brough. (Conclusion I drew from known facts) Bartlett told Brough’s victims they don’t matter anymore now that she got Brough out of the way.

Now – Lisa Bartlett is pushing a “term limits” measure for a special election ballot. This means if the measure passes, those in office are exempted and get to start over at 0 terms like everyone else. If passed, the Measure gives people three terms lifetime with no 4 year sit-out provision. As it stands now, you can serve two terms, sit out four years and then serve two more.

Did I mention I HATE Term Limits? You’ve gotten a generation of special interest produced puppets and egomaniacal narcissists that are always thinking about their next run for office. If it was not for term limits, I’d have a harder time finding material for this blog.

Now, back to Orange County: Perhaps Lisa Bartlett no longer wants to run for State Senate, instead preferring the larger paycheck of an OC Supervisor?

Whatever my opinion on Term Limits is, this measure is garbage. Now enter my favorite Supervisor Candidate:

Well gheez, isn’t that special. It appears Harkey has taken a break from hiding her assets and living with her (ex) Husband to take up a new self-serving venture…

Grandstanding on Term Limits! She is about the only person that should put a sock in it over this measure. You see, if Bartlett’s measure passes, Diane Harkey would have to run against Lisa Bartlett. Given how Orange County Politicians are lemmings for the status quo (well most of them), Harkey’s support and once-a-week endorsement emails would evaporate in favor of the incumbent.

Yep – the same incumbent who bravely told her story of abuse by Bill Brough, then threw the other 6 known victims of Brough (one who was raped) under the bus when it was time for her next political move.

So – Bartlett is wrong. Harkey finally gets something right, until you look under the surface and see the self-serving motives.

Oh and the speaker at the meeting? Just call him Ma’am and vote no.

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