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Let me be honest for a bit. I did not support the California Recall of Gavin Newsom early on. I did not believe it would qualify. However, a ton of people I care about were 100000% invested in it. Therefore, out of respect for those relationships I backed them up. I take no credit for the recall, I simply helped friends achieve their dream. It is about time some of the people including the state party that are ripping money off of the recall told the truth – they fought against it before grudgingly acquiescing to it.

Let’s talk about the leading candidates.

I don’t like Richard Grennell. He was however extremely effective in the positions he held for President Trump. I do not think anyone is qualified to be a governor because they were an ambassador or went and declassified a bunch of documents about the misdeeds of a bunch of scum-sucking government bureaucrats. Being a Governor is like a miniature version of being President. California by itself is the 9th largest economy in the world. (Thanks to the Brown Newsom regime it has dropped a couple of notches)

I don’t like Kevin Faulconer and the fact that the CAGOP Leadership are whoring themselves out to him makes me like him less. He is pro death, open borders, gun grabbing, tax raising, real estate scandal riddled and those are his strongest attributes. No wonder why the CAGOP insiders think he is the savior of California.

Caitlyn Jenner? No, anatomically he/she/it is still Bruce Jenner. The fact I have to even write this underscores the absolute freak-show this former decathlete is.

John Cox? I used to work for him. He is a complete disaster. At least I got paid what I was owed, but several people I like and respect got treated like s–t by him and he was remiss to pay them what he agreed to. This sort of dismissive arrogance is not a leadership attribute, rather it is an attribute of a very common psychiatric condition that occurs in politics frequently.  Cox – if you read this blog, pull your head out of your ass and pay your bills. If you think the people you stiffed ripped you off, Fred Davis will eclipse the whole lot of them by himself and he has turned you in to a joke to boot.

Too Damn Hot Sale

Doug Ose. Back in 2008, I gave the poor man a guided tour of hell when Congressman McClintock beat him. Years later, I reprised that role on behalf of Igor Birman who Ose beat in the primary only to lose courtesy of thousands of blank ballots (think Tea Party) that lacked a vote for both him and Neel Kashkari the governor nominee in 2014. I had a reconciliation with him in that General Election – even helping him after my candidate lost. I wish Doug no ill. He is yesterday’s news and should not have run.

I’ve also talked to a couple of also-ran candidates. Sam Galucci is a good dude, but he does not have it. I have nothing bad to say about the man, in fact I’d love to see him preach some day. There are a few others I won’t mention by name, including one I was interviewing with for a paid job, but she could not even commit to anything close to a normal retainer – a clear indictor she lacks the confidence needed to be serious despite raising $500K (or more by now).

I’d like to give Major Williams an honorable mention. I am enjoying his social media. It is all he has.

So who the hell am I endorsing?

Let me get something off my chest. In 2016, I worked for Bill Halldin on his assembly campaign on the ground. I also threw bombs at Kiley and other candidates. At the time, my wife and I attended the Church where Kevin’s Brother was an assistant pastor. Kevin’s brother retaliated against my wife to get to me. I had met with Kevin and cleared the air about it.

I later worked for Brian Dahle for Senate. I had a long-standing relationship with Josh Cook and Brian himself. When I saw the pattern of retaliation repeat with Kiley and people supporting Dahle – I became enraged as I relived what my wife went through when she was deeply wounded by that church issue. I took the gloves off and I tore Kevin Kiley a new ass for the ages.

I don’t mind putting the personal issues out here bluntly – I did not arrive at my decision lightly.

Kevin Kiley has been a frustrating enigma since taking office. The man is frightfully intelligent and is talented. I watched his first two terms in office with dismay as he still made every rookie mistake in the book. Were it not for my High-School Buddy Jay Obernolte’s presence in the Assembly for 4 years – Kiley would have easily been the smartest legislator in Sacramento the whole time he’d been in office. I knew Kiley was capable of so much more than he showed.

I believe that the 2019 ass-whupping Brian Dahle put on Kevin Kiley jarred something loose in him. During that campaign, I watched a shift in Kiley’s countenance and presentation.

What I believe I am seeing is that Kevin Kiley is starting to realize his potential. He has gained an outsized voice, he speaks with authority and conviction. It was actually revealing for me to stumble upon Kiley speaking to the Placer GOP the very night I came down the hill to celebrate Laurie Wallace’s win (Kiley helped her by the way).

Many of the same friends that convinced me to back them up on the recall and who helped me with Steve Frank, Laurie Wallace and Lani Kane are all supporting Kiley for Governor.

I have decided then to bury the hatchet. It is time for Kevin Kiley for Governor. I’m in. And trust me – from my perch at 5100 feet in elevation, I can reach all of California with my artillery.

P.S. Richard Grennell – stop holding people hostage, get out now.

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  5 Responses to “California Recall Election Update: Time to Make a Shocking Endorsement”

  1. Give Kevin 4 more years. Still too young. The sad thing is, if Travis Allen randomly announced right now. He would probably jump right to the top of the ticket without having to do anything. That’s how desperate CA republicans are for a candidate we can get behind.

  2. Larry and I support Kiley 100%! Glad to see a true fighting conservative finally in the race.

  3. If Newsom is booted…it will come down to the 3 or maybe 4 candidates that and raise 10-20 $million dollars. Everyone else, good or bad, is a ‘also ran’ if they can’t raise or fund the huge media buys that will be needed. It the reality of the situation. Any one of them (except Ose) would be better than Newsom.

  4. Amazing to support a candidate who backed Kasich (aligning with Arnold and the NY times). A candidate who voted to give taxpayer funding to illegals, and did not vote to oppose sanctuary status. Kiley, as you reported, was a staffer for Kamala Harris?

    It seems a bit early to endorse- has Kiley even announced? Larry Elder is also said to announce, he has the national backing and the right record and agenda. Read more here: https://www.oann.com/conservative-radio-host-larry-elder-may-run-for-calif-governor/

  5. Thank you Aaron for the positive thoughts regarding Kevin Kiley. I believe California couldn’t have a better governor in these crazy times. If you go back to his run against Brian Dahle, there was sure some falsehood against Kiley. Smear tactics. https://californiapolicycenter.org/what-do-public-safety-unions-stand-for/ As a volunteer with the last two recalls, I have read and try to be very educated on California and Newsom. What I found along the way was Kevin Kiley. That is hopefully our next governor. His blog shows what he represents pre-COVID and during. He doesn’t waver and is very intelligent as you wrote.

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