Jun 172021

Yuba GOP:

The embattled Stephen Heter – who is still appointed to several CAGOP Committees resigned in disgrace from the Yuba GOP. It appears that David Stafford Reade and/or Jim Nielsen told him to get the hell out of dodge.

Heter’s service to the regime of Jessica Patterson will be rewarded and the 6 delegates appointed in violation of State Law and the CAGOP’s by-laws will all vote to endorse Kevin Faulconer.

The new people that came in behind Heter were able to confirm that the Central Committee never organized, and never held a meeting. The By-Laws of the Yuba GOP are 1 1/2 pages and clearly were truncated when printed off. They are literally not functional and will have to be completely re-written.

Stephen Heter ran for supervisor in Yuba County in 2020. The new leadership of the County Party discovered that $2449 was spent from the county party to some sort of media firm that appears to have done digital ads. No one knows anyone that got any financial support or otherwise from the Yuba GOP in 2020. Therefore, logic dictates that this expenditure may well have been Stephen as chair to benefit Stephen Heter the candidate.

When the new leaders went to the bank they were presented with paperwork claiming there was a meeting and Stephen was designated as the sole signer on the account. Sounds like a perfect person for Jessica Patterson to appoint to the Proxies and Credentials Committee. How about Election Integrity while you’re at it Jessica!

Please note, if true Stephen would have falsified records given to a bank. There is a word for that.

The Yuba GOP has been liberated but the six fraudulent delegates remain (while Modoc County is still stripped of their delegates).

That gets me to the empty coffers of the party.

Marie Waldron narrowly survived a challenge to her leadership in the last day or two. However, the problem is several assembly-members did not vote. Waldron is the current disaster of a minority leader, has endorsed Faulconer and is a complete leftist on the crime issue.

Waldron loves her some Van Jones

Currently, Scott Wilk is raising money in to his own accounts. Marie Waldron could not raise money to save her life – but there is no “one ask program” in effect. The one ask is where Jessica Patterson, Scott Wilk and Frank Bigelow (my choice to replace Waldron) make calls and split the proceeds in thirds.

Jessica Patterson has repeatedly failed to convince Wilk and others that she can do her part of the job. Yet – we were told that Jessica Patterson was the only candidate that could raise the money. About the only thing I have seen her do is roll the CAGOP’s By-Laws repeatedly to get what she wants.

Most all of the members in the legislature currently are raising money for themselves. Both Caucus accounts are broke. The CAGOP is basically broke. But hey! They have over 50 bogus delegates to make sure Kevin Faulconer gets endorsed once they shred the endorsement rules! I wonder how much money that will be worth to the CRP?

Meantime the cesspool known as the “Third House” have cut off the GOP completely. They also can’t donate during the recall, a double-whammy. No one out there has much, if any money on the right in California.

I’ve been told by a few people that Waldron is gone. The debate is weather Heath Flora (Mayes / Cap and Trade acolyte) or Frank Bigelow is the new minority leader. I was told specifically that Kevin Kiley inexplicably has not committed to a candidate, so perhaps my characterization of him in my endorsement of him was overly optimistic.

BTW – Heath Flora is a good man on a personal level. I just think he is as liberal as the crazed Chad Mayes (whose AB466 passed making it very easy to start third parties in California).

While Kiley and others agonize over what should be a simple decision – Bigelow is the only member that has raised a significant amount of money for anyone other than himself. Bigelow also has the most conservative voting record in the Assembly if you use the CRA Scorecard as a guide.

Now the other consequence of the Faulconer fixation and Jessica Patterson’s abject failure (that they all rewarded in Feb when she was re-elected and empowered to institutionalize the internal corruption of the state party) – is that they are flat-footed on recruiting candidates for winnable areas.

Read that again, there are going to be several legislative districts that could flip in 2022 due to the political environment and the “leadership” of the State Party have few if any candidates. But, Matt Klemin got his old job back when he got revenge on Shannon Grove! (See how that works?)

No Money. No Candidates. A party apparatus that is a complete shell. But, Hey! Kevin McCarthy is in control and that is all he cares about!

P.S. The last time I wrote about an Assembly Caucus leadership election, they delayed the vote three weeks so as to not appear like they were letting outside influence make their decision. This allowed Chad Mayes time to retaliate against everyone that no longer supported him.

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