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This screenshot was taken from Diane Harkey’s Linked In on 2-7-2021. She probably needs to hire a consultant to update her stuff

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When Diane Harkey was on the Board of Equalization it was rocked by scandal. In fairness, I do believe that the democrat supermajority in the legislature decided to finally do something about the corruption only after Diane Harkey was elected Chair for partisan political purposes. However, before you think I am letting Harkey blame someone else, a lot of stuff happened at the BOE that she did nothing about or worse, participated in.

Her single term in the BOE started out gloriously:

We still can’t believe how many Orange County Republicans continue to support Diane Harkey.  She was elected in November to the California State Board of Equalization.

But we can’t forget what Diane and her husband Dan are accused of doing.  They have to be the richest, most scandalous, and most Teflon-coated couple in California. Dan claims to be broke but he is a multi-millionaire, and she claims to work for the people of California.

The Harkeys were supposed to appear before a judge Friday in OC Court for an Examination hearing subsequent to his guilty verdict for Elder Financial Abuse, bankruptcy, etc.

However Dan Harkey didn’t show. His lawyer claimed that Dan was in chemotherapy. A bench warrant was issued to compel his attendance. Diane showed up but she did so without the requested documents. Her exam was rescheduled for early February, according to Kurt Sipolski, a retired investor with polio who lost everything due to his investment with Dan.

Diane was by the way just got swore in to the Board of Equalization–which handles the State’s money.  PCF investors say they will act to garnish Diane’s new salary with the State Board of Equalization and try to get those wages garnished as well.

Harkey was in office for 2+ years when the Nepotism scandal broke. She was in office for 2+ years when all hell broke loose. Instead of joining the calls for reform, she pushed back and played the victim. Let’s start with Dan Walters:

Four of the five members are directly elected from immense districts and the board, which collects sales and gasoline taxes and acts as an appellate body for income tax cases, has become a landing spot for politicians – ex-legislators, usually – with nothing better to do.

While recent scandals revealed in the political media and highly critical audits of the board’s dysfunction finally goaded Brown and lawmakers to act, the board’s highly politicized approach to handling tax disputes has been evident for decades.

In the 1970s and 1980s, for instance, it was well known that if you had a tax case pending before the board, you could guarantee a win if you hired a certain Southern California lawyer – a former legislator, in fact – to represent you.

I have been told that is no different today. I’ve also been told that campaign donations are frequently solicited when cases are pending. I have no proof Harkey did either – but she did nothing to change that culture or blow the whistle.

Then, enter Breitbart:

In a letter sent to the board’s five elected members, The Democratic governor announced the tax agency will not be able to hire key personnel or issue most contracts without approval from other state departments he controls.

His letter also announced his intent to ask the Human Resources Department and Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate complaints from civil servants as well as an alleged misuse of public resources.

Brown’s letter follows a recent audit from the Department of Finance that found the Board of Equalization had allowed its elected members to “redirect” staff for promotional events. The audit found the agency could not explain how it corrected accounting failures identified in a 2015 audit.

It described reports from employees who feared they’d lose their jobs if they displeased elected officials. The report also suggested that board members inappropriately “intervened” in administrative decisions, creating inconsistencies that are “contrary to state law.”

Harkey’s excuse was that the audit was in 2015, her first year in office. Yet, inexplicably she got herself elected Chairman of that Board knowing it was engulfed in scandal! She is impervious to understanding the world around her. Similar to her husband’s business dealings, she had no self-awareness… it was about the title and building a resume. This is the best I can glean from this.

If I was her political consultant I’d have wrung her neck as she walked in to another scandal and took complete ownership of it because she wanted another title. And there’s more…

In a letter to board members, Brown also said he would ask legislative leaders to come up with new laws to address “serious problems” with the agency that were identified in a recent state Department of Finance audit. The audit uncovered mismanagement in the agency, which is responsible for collecting $60 billion in taxes annually.

“The report uncovered issues of inappropriate interference by the board that undermines its ability to carry out its core mission: the collection and administration of sales and use taxes and other revenues,” Brown wrote. “Other serious personnel allegations involving the board were uncovered during finance’s review that warrant immediate investigation.”

The Department of Finance review found tax board employees assigned to revenue-generating jobs were reassigned temporarily to help elected board members with public outreach events to boost the board members’ standing in their districts.

And this is where we pick up when we continue the Right on Daily Diane Harkey series…

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