Apr 282021

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I like Robert Ming. He is a good dude. But – he had all the endorsements in Orange County and Lost his race for supervisor in 2014 to the incumbent Lisa Bartlett. It looks like Diane Harkey, running for the exact same seat (Lisa Bartlett hammered Ming and is at the end of her two terms) is doing the exact same thing:

Harkey has a fraction of this list (I could have posted a second screenshot for those of Ming), but here we are. Also note, several of these endorsements lived outside of the Supervisorial district and could not vote for Mr. Ming anyway.

I should also note that Bartlett (who threw her fellow victims of Bill Brough under the bus by endorsing Moorlach), had Darrell Issa’s endorsement and not much else.

LISA BARTLETT 67,416 54.6%

ROBERT MING 56,164 45.4%

It makes you wonder about Darrell Issa’s Endorsement. It may be one of the few that actually moves the needle. However, he is one of Diane Harkey’s many straw men.

Now there is another dynamic in Orange County – the world-famous dual endorsement. Mrs. Harkey should look out for those as well. I’ve seen a lot of it in Orange County politics. Once Right on Daily is done with our expose, our guess is that several of her crew are going to be reconsidering and as well others may not endorse her in the first place.

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It is the opinion of this blogger that Harkey is attempting to roll out endorsements to compensate for things she lacks as a candidate. This is not unique to her, it is actually quite common. Your intrepid blogger is simply stating the obvious – endorsements don’t mean much, they are fleeting and they tend to dry up when the winds of trouble blow.

To be continued…


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