Apr 012021

We’ve written about the learjet, the $6 Million House, the Bentley and the like. We’ve also written about the dozens of businesses and legal issues. More applicable to this latest issue is her style of campaigning which would be characterized as sloppy at best.


Apparently, the Bistango is a very high end place near the John Wayne Airport and is nowhere close to the district that Diane Harkey is running for.  Secondly, it is known as a hangout for lobbyists and other political insiders (think swamp).

My guess is this event is being done because Harkey is starting to get some pushback over her well-documented history. It also appears that her endorsement mill is grinding to a halt – so why not visit the OC Hub of Lobbyist land to hit the ATM?

The only conclusion I can draw is the above as she could have used the Ritz Carlton, the Monarch or the Montage to host the event – all are within that Supervisorial District.

We are still in a Pandemic (Scamdemic, Plandemic, etc) and restaurants everywhere are struggling to keep their doors open. Why wouldn’t that be a consideration to Diane Harkey? Is this sort of decision something that is a harbinger of what’s to come were she elected to office once again?

My guess is the OC Restaurant Association and related Chambers of Commerce are not going to miss the oversight and sleight.

Just add this to the list as we continue to unravel Diane Harkey.

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