Apr 142021

You have GOT to be kidding me. I had a confidential informant reach out to me to inform me that Diane Harkey held not one, but TWO events for Gene James!

I guess we should photoshop Diane Harkey in place of Pat Bates? Irony: Bates is said to be looking at running against Harkey for supervisor as well…

It gets better – Harkey who at one time employed the accused rapist and proven serial sexual harasser Bill Brough has been palling around with Mr. Gene James in San Clemente. Perhaps our exposes’ on stale endorsements were a harbinger of where Mrs. Harkey would have to go in order to shore up support as the vultures are circling around OC Sup D5.

But Gene James? Similar to Harkey his background looks like threemile island:

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

He was extremely racist and bigoted; spewing insults at different ethnic groups consistently, regardless of present company. At a backyard BBQ with a group of Little League players and parents, he made a very derogatory comment about Mexicans.  John M. took offense, stating his wife was Mexican and worked at Ralph’s. There was another insult by Gene and an exchange from John.  Gene instantly lunged at John, pushed him back in the chair, put his hands around his neck and started to choke him out.  It took 3 men to get Gene off John as he was starting to lose consciousness. John didn’t have Gene arrested at the time, fearing that it would make matters worse for Diane.

The Diane referenced is ANOTHER of Gene James’ exes. He has several and is known to cheat on his currents as well based on what I have been told but have no direct personal knowledge of.

We are going to expand upon the maladies of Gene James in a bit – but here is a post that details his violent patterns and abusive patterns against women. Why is Diane Harkey so attached to this guy?

Diane was trying to stay in the relationship until she could get her money back, foolishly thinking that was a possibility.  Gene and Diane started to see a MFT in San Clemente.   The therapist advised Diane separately that she felt Gene was “mentally unstable and extremely dangerous” and when he was finally moved out of the house, she told Diane it wasn’t safe to ever be alone with Gene.  Gene was also very homophobic.  Diane had a party at her home with about 20-30 Catholic school mothers in attendance with a gay man who dresses as a woman character from Alabama who sells kitchen products in a direct sales company.  It is a very funny show and he is a top salesperson.  He now tours nationally doing his shows.  Gene came home early in a rage, threatened the entertainer and scared and intimidated the guests.  Several women stayed behind until Gene appeared to settle down and they were able to escort him out safely.  Gene later tracked down the entertainer, contacting him with through emails and phone calls, threatening to physically harm and/or kill him.  The entertainer contacted Diane to notify her of this as he too was very concerned for her safety.  Diane had to go out of town for business for several days and had her sons stay at their prior nanny’s home.  Gene was infuriated and did not come home when Diane returned.  She packed up his belongings and he was out.  Diane contacted an attorney for legal advise; sold the engagement ring and hired the attorney.  Gene still owed Diane $25000 for money loaned him to pay off creditors.  Gene responded with numerous threatening phone calls and letters to both Diane and the attorney.  The attorney told Diane that Gene was clearly mentally unstable and dangerous (as the MFT had as well) .  The attorney recommended Diane accept the $12000 Gene finally offered and Diane agreed to settle.

What a great endorsement for Diane Harkey. If Harkey is helping a monster like this raise money, and she has a clear personal pattern herself of being in legal trouble, garnishments, questionable judgement, drama and the like… why would any sane, rational person put her back in office?

To be continued…

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