Mar 302021

Today – I was graced with Diane Harkey’s latest installment of her 1990’s era consultant endorsement drill. In the 1980’s and 1990’s – candidates would announce one endorsement at a time in an attempt to muscle opponents out of the race against them. Along came the internet and an much more organized opposition and now endorsements don’t matter anywhere near what they did. Witness the number of “outsider” and anti-establishment candidates that are winning races.

In Harkey’s case – she announced the endorsement of former CA45 Congressman Mimi Walters who was blown out of office by Katie Porter. Side Note: Walters and her crew also aided in defeating Greg Raths the CA45 GOP nominee in 2020.

My Favorite part of the email:

Diane Harkey served from 2015-2019 as Orange County’s elected Taxpayer Advocate on the State Board of Equalization; from 2008-2014 as the South County’s State Assembly Representative; and from 2006-2007 as Mayor of Dana Point. In each of these positions, Diane capitalized on her business and public service experience. She fought for the rights and interests of Orange County taxpayers, families, employers and local communities. She always put the people first.

You have to love the hubris in all of the above statements, especially the two emboldened sentences. We have been and will continue impaling her with her own record of capitalizing on her life experience. (BTW – she was forced to step down as mayor of Dana Point due to a legitimate recall attempt against her)

That said, if she had properly capitalized on her life experience – she’d know that a sitting Congressman like Darrell Issa would be an endorsement worth having. Just sayin’

Oh well. Maybe on the next campaign for office #7 in 2024 after losing again in 2022 she can get that one right.

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