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How About This for a Sub Headline: The Republican Spoiler Who Will Elect Cottie Petrie-Norris.

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Jon Flash believes that Kevin Muldoon beat John Moorlach. He ripped in to Mr. Muldoon here. I disagree with Mr. Flash’s thesis – however his column was a devastating salvo against Diane Harkey. It should also be a warning to the wise people on the OCGOP that they need to take pause when selecting candidates. Let’s take a look.

Diane cares only about Diane. Narcissism is a trait that serves nobody well. And it can hurt our communities badly at those times when politics needs to be a team sport in order to win.

I replaced Kevin with Diane.

Now take a look at this next paragraph – it foreshadows or emphasizes what is currently happening:

Republican leaders attempted to block that path by rallying around one candidate: State Senator John Moorlach. He had a huge amount of name identification already, and the Supervisor seat was significantly more Republican than the State Senate seat he had just lost. In fact Moorlach received 57% of the vote in the 2nd District. John was also a senior statesman, which would allow other candidates to step aside for him, without it being problematic. So John was recruited – and immediately was endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, the New Majority of Orange County, and other organizations like the Family Action PAC, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Pro-Life Council and Gun Owners of California. O’Neill and Peterson, who had not yet announced, backed Moorlach. Mike Posey went so far as to pull nomination papers, but in deference to party leaders he did not return them and chose to endorse Moorlach. But Muldoon would not budge (all of the while saying that he would not be a spoiler).

Besides the absurdity of calling Moorlach a Senior Statesman (no statesman smears a rape victim by the way) – Mr Flash encapsulates what is being done right now for Harkey. Harkey lacks the gravitas of Moorlach and the loyal following Moorlach has – yet the same people are trying to pull a Moorlach 2.0 with Diane Harkey.

Moorlach was defeated because of his baggage. With or without Muldoon in the race, Moorlach loses. You can not assume all of Vo and Muldoon’s votes go to Moorlach with all of Moorlach’s negatives. Many would simply disappear.

The Deputy Sheriff’s had so much to work with that John Moorlach was a tin duck in a shooting gallery. By the time your intrepid blogger is done with Diane Harkey, she will eclipse Moorlach on the opposition research scale. (Think Three Mile Island) They had allocated $600K to nuke Moorlach and only ended up needing to use $300k of it. That ain’t Muldoon’s fault! A similar dynamic will occur against Diane Harkey.

If the party bosses are going to try to clear the field, it should not be for Diane Harkey. (I disagree with the party boss thing, but If they are going to do it, they should do it wisely.) I despair to think that they are planning a Moorlach VS Foley Rematch in 2022 as well.

Another excerpt from Mr. Flash’s blog needs to be thoroughly digested and vetted:

You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out why Muldoon stayed in. Was it the goading of public employee unions, anxious to defeat Moorlach because of his laser-focus on public employee pension reform? Was it the empty promises of wealthy Newport Beach types who promised big independent expenditures on behalf of their local councilmember who they knew would still serve two more years on the council?

At the end of the day, I believe that all of these factors contributed to Muldoon’s decision – but that the single greatest factor was that Muldoon simply could not put aside his own ambition at a relatively young age for the greater good of the County and his party, and a conservative movement to which he apparently feels no fidelity.

Goading of public employee unions? Harkey is bragging about the OC Sheriff’s support (they killed Moorlach).

Big talking wealthy donors that don’t come through? Harkey could only muster $103K of her own money the last time she ran. I also repeat, will Harkey rage on the OCGOP and the others over her unvoiced expectations that they should all carry her?

Ambition? Harkey has run for six different offices!

Conservative Movement? We’ve demonstrated there is a deep disconnect between the values Harkey says she has and what she actually does. (With much more documentation to come)

My research shows that Diane Harkey has no history at all of involvement in conservative or Republican volunteer organizations or campaigns prior to running for office. Using John Moorlach for comparison, Harkey does not come close to Moorlach’s pedigree in this regard (setting aside character issues). She was never a member of Young Republicans, College Republicans or CRA.  She has no history of working as a volunteer in any political campaign prior to being elected, such as Reagan, Dukemejian or even Pete Wilson.  Think about that. No history supporting ReaganThere is No history of involvement, prior to getting elected, of support for campaigns like Proposition 13 or any of its progeny, no involvement in the pro-life movement, fighting gun control, fighting illegal immigration, attending a demonstration, of political giving, none of these things prior to running for office. She also has no history of serious involvement in a church or church work, or working in or for a charity. Based on my research, her total involvement in organizations has been about her. Given her tumultuous marriage and divorce, it is hard to think that she could ever achieve, as Moorlach did, the endorsement of the Family Action PAC.

My research indicates that Her support from groups like the Lincoln Club, New Majority or OCGOP has come only directly because she bought her way in (and the source of said buy in money is also a key issue), not because she earned it like Moorlach. (I write this about Moorlach as someone openly hostile to him – he did still earn his endorsements despite my opinion of him). John Moorlach has always been a man of fairly average means without the ability to self-fund even though I’ve lit in to him for his pensions totaling over $200K a year from taxpayers.

I even researched the Republican Women Federated. Nope. No Harkey prior to her political ambition.

What price Harkey? Today, her money simply is not there anymore to buy endorsements.

The ultimate lesson here is that character is not just about ideology, and conviction on issues, but it is also about being able to play as part of a team. When we are picking players for a team in the future, we all have to work hard to weed out the Muldoons.

It won’t be easy because sometimes you cannot know the measure of someone’s character until the critical moment. As screenwriter Robert McKee once said, “True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”

We need to weed out the Harkeys. Her own actions demonstrate that she does not know the definition of team.

I 1000% agree with Jon’s statement about character (disagree with his application to Muldoon though) – but unlike Kevin Muldoon, we have ample evidence on Diane Harkey with regard to her true character. We also have far more to come. Look at what she did to Darrell Issa and others that helped her in 2018 when juxtaposed with her own behavior!

The OCGOP and the donor community would do well to apply Jon Flash’s words to Diane Harkey. It is time to get off the retreadmill and get someone newer with far less baggage.

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