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We are just a month in to our expose on Diane Harkey. Fresh on the heels of John Moorlach getting shellacked at the ballot box, Harkey is the next retread darling of the OCGOP Mafia. If you thought Moorlach had baggage, Diane Harkey has an entire doubled up BNSF or UP Freight Train’s worth.

Here are some key takeaways from the blogs we’ve written on Diane Harkey so far:

  1. She has a hair-trigger temper
  2. She drinks frequently at events causing people to believe she is a drunk
  3. She holds grudges
  4. She plays the victim
  5. Faced a recall that was viable and forced her out as mayor

We’ve asked if Diane Harkey will blame the OCGOP the same way she blamed Darrell Issa for her loss in CA-49. It was so bad that she uncorked a hysterical screed against Mr. Issa in his 2020 CA50 race. If Diane Harkey loses her latest office-shop – will she rage on the OCGOP like she did Darrell Issa? It is a fair question as I was told she was a lazy campaigner and did not put the work necessary in to being a successful candidate.

Read our two-part series on the Darrell Issa caper and decide for yourself if her behavior is that of someone you want in office. Part One and Part Two.

We also learned that when on the Dana Point City Council, Harkey:

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  1. Drove a Bentley around town (and later claimed she did not benefit from her husband’s businesses)
  2. Immediately broke a promise not to run for higher office in BOTH 2006 and 2008
  3. Caught with conflicts of interest
  4. Brown Act Violations

Harkey was embroiled in controversy from day one on the Dana Point City Council. Her husband’s business dealings that she would sue people over and sue to get out of just a decade later were a problem. She was constantly being accused of a conflict of interest because her husband was engaging in speculative real estate and had numerous LLC’s and Corporations with entanglements all over Orange County. While Diane Harkey has attempted to play the victim of her husband’s finances, it is not difficult to find her name all over the paperwork of some of his LLC’s, her listed as an employee of others and Real Estate records with her name all over them.

When I checked the Orange County Superior Court’s website, I see that Harkey was suing people in the mid-2000’s and her husband was being sued at least once a year for breach of contract. This is a key fact to digest. Diane Harkey had to know her husband was crooked. Perhaps the Bentley she was driving while she served on the Dana Point City Council made it hard to take an honest look at the source of the money for said Bentley.

Read the entire expose’ on the Dana Point Council Caper here.

As your intrepid blogger is getting deeper in to detonating the facade of Diane Harkey – we began just a few days ago to unravel the victim narrative and to tell the truth about her finances, background and the like.

Right from day one in her second office held (Assembly) and third run for – the fur started flying. She won election to AD73 in 2008, and was followed by the monster Bill Brough in 2014.

In 2008, Diane Harkey did not draw a credible opponent, that has to be the only reason why the 14 liens against the businesses she was entangled in with her Husband were not an issue. Dan and Diane Harkey appear in the filings of at least 12 businesses in the past together. Dan Harkey has had at least 40 entities he has been the principal of. Most all of them show suspended or revoked for their status.

Why any rational person would act surprised that someone whose past business practices netted 14 liens got sued successfully by bankrupted investors is beyond me.

The blog post goes on to cover SEC Investigations in to the business that Dan and Diane were listed as officers of.

We learned that Dan Harkey lost his real estate license many years ago. How did Diane Harkey not know?

“I’ve been married for 25 years to my husband,” said the Dana Point Republican. “We have personal income. He has income. I have income. Sometimes it was my income. Sometimes it was his income. Sometimes it’s both of our incomes. And I’ve saved him financially many years. So I’m not going to get into whose, yours, mine, ours. Who knows after 25 years?”

Re-Read the above quote as many times as necessary. She admitted their finances were comingled… this flies in the face of her current re-writing of history.

We are laying out a ton of evidence that shows that Diane Harkey was not separate from her husband’s business dealings and did indeed profit from them:

The OC Register continues: (And these are key to future installments of this series)

Campaign disclosures show that she’s pumped $1.25 million in personal contributions into her political races since 2004. She’s spent an additional $875,000 on other local, state and federal campaigns and political organizations. Two of those campaigns filed contribution disclosures listing Diane Harkey as working for Point Center Financial.

Unlike the people that sued Point Center Financial, I am not alleging the source of Harkey’s campaign funds was illegal. It is perfectly legal in my opinion, but from immoral activity. I am going to lay out how and why as it appears despite the numerous media stories and opposition research packets no one took the time to fully develop this concept. Perhaps Mike Levin did not need to in 2018 as he hammered Harkey by 13 points.

Diane Harkey, 57, (she is now 70) burst onto the political scene in 2004, spending $135,000 of her own money to win a Dana Point City Council race. In 2006, she spent $936,000 of her own money in a bid for state Senate, losing in the primary. She spent $151,961 of her own money in her 2008 Assembly victory.

Let all of this sink in as many times as needed:

Remember the Bentley, remember the house she lives in that is worth $5Million and then read…

Diane Harkey is not currently employed except as an Assembly member, according to the “Statement of Economic Interest” legislators are required to file. She lists a range of $12,000 to $110,000 in non-real estate investments, most of it in a Point Center Financial fund.

Where did she get $2.1 Million in campaign cash from? And why is it unreasonable to conclude that some of it came from each of the multiple entites she was listed as a part of?

She also lists eight properties, six of which generate rental income. Two of those generate more than $100,000 in annual income – one of which is Point Center Financial’s headquarters in Aliso Viejo.

Keep asking questions. The Bentley, The $5MM house, the $2Million Plus in self funding, 14 liens. Where did it come from? What did Diane Harkey know? Can we trust anything she says? What has been her life pattern? She is running for her 6th office, it is time she answers some serious questions.

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