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The Steve Frank campaign sent out an email about a recently leaked communication from the CRP. It was celebrating a $200K check from the RNC for the recall.

Details that are not being discussed is that the request for the money from the RNC were made months ago and it was for generic outreach. The spin about it being recall money is a recent phenomina especially since the “leadership” of the party were lukewarm at best until they coordinated an endorsement of the recall with Kevin Faulconer signing the recall. (Remember, Faulconer has been handed the keys to the CRP already and the current executive director of the CRP is a Faulconer almuni from her College GOP days)

So if the money is for the recall why not send it to the recall committees?

If the money is for the recall why is the CRP staff telling people it will be controlled and use for phone banking – that is done by volunteers? Perhaps this is because they intend to use the $200K to make payroll and the recall nexus is a smokescreen to boost the sagging campaign of the “Chairwoman”. Why do they need RNC money to make payroll? I thught Jessica was the only one that could raise the money?

The truth is that Tom Ross and Molly Parnell (Both of whom also work for pay for Kevin Faulconer) have been doing all the fundraising meetings for the CAGOP and Mrs. Patterson has participated in few of them.

Why wouldn’t Ross and Parnell continue raising money for the CAGOP if Steve Frank is elected chair? They both seem to be doing a great job at it – it is just a lie for Mrs. Patterson to claim credit for their work. But, I digress – that $200K that came from the RNC needs to be given directly to the recall and not put in to the accounts of the CRP.

Heard on the Street…

Ronna McDaniel, the Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) wants Gavin Newsom out of office.  She is ready, willing, and able to put a boatload of money (200K to be exact)  behind our efforts to recall this absolute failure of a Governor. She wants to make him an example to the other tin-pot Democrat governors around the Country.

So, what does our current State Chairwoman want to do? She wants to POCKET THE MONEY! Yes, you’ve got that right! Our illustrious state Chairwoman wants to POCKET THE MONEY!

With ballot qualification in hanging in the balance, that RNC money could mean the difference between success and failure of our recall effort. And here’s Jessica Patterson only thinking about herself!

What’s wrong there in River City? Can’t make payroll—your payroll; your PERSONAL payroll that amounts to a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS a year?

T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Stealing that money spells trouble with a capital T. It’s up to more forward-thinking minds to…


Unlike our “johnnie come lately” Chairwoman (or is that Music woman), I’ve been with the recall since the beginning. My wife, children and I were among the first  signatures gathered, verified, and counted.

I am committed to removing Newsom from office. It’s the only way to put our State’s economy back on its feet. It’s the only way to prove that Republicans love the “little guy”. It’s the only way to demonstrate that Democrats are sold out to Big Tech and the Rich Robber Barons. That’s why we’ve got to…


That RNC contribution is NOT just any contribution. The Newsom recall is not some dance and music sideshow. It’s for all the marbles.

There are at least two billionaire Democrats just waiting to get in and split the Democrat vote. Given that it only takes a plurality to win, it’s a guarantee of a new Governor not named Newsom—a Republican Governor.

It’s time to put on our big boy pants and make the hard call. Republicans have a plan to turn this State around, if given a chance. The Newsome recall is that chance. Let’s…


As your Chairman I will articulate it to any and all who will listen. We can elect a Republican Governor whose coattails in the 2022 election will bring Republicans into the State House, turn the ship of state around and start making a policy difference.

Does Jessica care? Naw!  But you do. It’s up to you to…


Newsom must be recalled.  I was in on the ground floor of the recall. Now I want you to stand with me when we drive him from office.

Please hit reply. Tell me to add your name and voice to our effort to recall Newsom. I’ll let the CRP know that you’re standing with me and the coalition to recall Newsom

And you will not allow Jessica Patterson to steal our best chance to remove Newsom from office!


Stephen Frank
Candidate, Chair of California Republican Party

To support me, go to www.frank4leadership.com.

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  4 Responses to “Ripping Off the Recall: RNC Gives CAGOP $200K for “Outreach”, It is Spun as Recall Money, But it is for Salaries…”

  1. I’m with you Steve.

  2. Steve Frank all the way!

  3. Sounds good… Thank you Steve…

  4. This is the kind of information and leadership we need to turn out Republicans to vote to recall a failed governor and replace him with a better alternative.

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