Feb 222021

What a collage of OCGOP Politics this is.

If you are even a casual reader of Right On Daily – you will realize we’ve had a lot to say about a lot of things in Orange County. We’re going to have a lot more to say as well.

In the course of investigating Bill Brough, we have come across entanglements galore. The fact that Trish Todd who was raped by Bill Brough was a staffer of John Moorlach was one of those amazing testimonies about the small world of politics. Amazingly, Bill Brough also worked for Diane Harkey. That connection to Harkey also caused your intrepid blogger to hear a diverse array of stories about Harkey. Researching John Moorlach, Darrell Issa, Carl DiMaio, Diane Dixon, the crazed Deborah Pauly, Kelly Ernby, Phillip Chen, Stephen Choi, Don Wagner and the list goes on also would cause pings for Harkey as well.

As near as I can tell, Harkey is a fixture in Orange County Politics. It is my opinion based on research that the same people who are going to fail at a coronation of the morally flawed John Moorlach are also attempting a similar coronation in a neighboring Supervisorial District on behalf of Diane Harkey. I have a major problem with insider politics and one of the reasons Right on Daily exists is to provide light for political cockroaches that hide in the shadows.

I know several people that think Diane Harkey is awesome. I have solicited their opinions on things Harkey. Those opinions and information will be added to this commentary series on Harkey. My research indicates that Diane Harkey has a ton of issues and may not be as inevatable as her supporters think. Regardless of how annoying some of you in Orange County may find the coming research to be, I may be doing all of you a favor. Harkey needs to start answering a lot of questions and quick, because it appears that the DCCC did not do a thorough job against Harkey in 2018 when she failed in her run for CA-49. It is likely that her distant finish was a factor as they did not see the need to go further.

I’ve found dozens of articles about Harkey over the years. She first took office in 2004 after participating in the incorporation of Dana Point. The amount of information is staggering, by contrast, when I was resarching Bill Brough, there were few articles. Most were spaced weeks apart, but sometimes the articles involving Diane Harkey were daily. This alone is a gigantic red flag for any political campaign operation.

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What did I find?

A recall against her in her very first term in office.

Office shopping going back to 2006.

Blogs going back years about her.

Financial Scandals – including her personal finances, husband’s finances, self-funding campaigns, investments, income sources and the like

Lawsuits – both by her and against her / her family

Divorce filings

Bizarre financial reports

Blistering local paper articles against her

Opposition research papers easily located

Clearly documented examples of anger outbursts on the trail and towards the media. In addition, poor conduct on the campaign trail

Several clashes with other local Republicans

Refusal to take responsibility for her actions

I am not convinced that Harkey, who turns 70 in June has any more political shelf-life. Given the ample volume of information – it is time for the party bosses and stakeholders to start working on an alernative. Or, if it has to be Harkey – it is time for her to deviate from her 17 year pattern of avoidance, projection, deflection and transferrence to take responsibility and answer some serious questions.

Maybe the OCGOP and establishment will take a second look before going further down the road.

Core principles of Conservatism are personal responsibility, rigorous honesty, a high ethical standard and integrity in all of one’s dealings. This is a tall order for anyone – however someone actually in office is held to a higher standard by your intrepid blogger because their decisions affect thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. If what Harkey’s supporters say about her is true, she is capable of this despite ample evidence I have obtained that suggests the exact opposite.

Perhaps this research project can help Mrs. Harkey exercise the demons of 17 years in the public eye. Perhaps this research project will demonstrate that it is time for her to call it a career.

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  One Response to “Right on Daily Orange County Political Project Diane Harkey Edition – an Introduction”

  1. I appreciate your blog. I am very interested in the CAGOP, and I like that you give a behind-the-scenes look at the people and rules.

    I have lived all over CA, and currently reside in San Joaquin County. While researching candidates last fall I found an article you wrote on Tony Amador. (You may not like him, but I still think he would be better than Jerry McNerney.)

    I am rather new to this region and would like to know if you have any conservative resources for the Stockton area? Is the San Joaquin GOP the best place to connect?

    Thank you for your time.

    Blogger’s Note – Amador is a good dude, I just opposed him in a primary. He has never forgiven me for it, but he’d be a major upgrade from McDonkey.

    There is a group called the Central Valley Impact Republicans, look them up, that would be a great place to start!

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