Feb 242021

UPDATE: 9AM 2-25-2021 Fred Whitaker had to ride in to the rescue with a statement from the OCGOP Good Ol’ Boyz Club. #FEARTHEBLOG

It has been hard to deal with the hard-headed Moorlach-Can-Do-No-Wrong Caucus in Orange County. John Moorlach just did what he does best, faceplant. I am sure Fred Whitaker is having to take out a loan on his home to find more money to pour in to the OCGOP after this. If Moorlach finishes 3rd, Whitaker is done as OCGOP Chairman.

Related to this Covid issue, the issue with Trish Todd was Moorlach’s disconnection from his staff and Moorlach having his head so far up his ass he could not recognize that Dick Ackerman was trying to warn him he was going to have a problem. Here we go again with the complete lack of self-awareness and lack of common sense.

The issue here is that Moorlach started having symptoms last Wednesday. (A week ago)

Moorlach acknowledged attending a series of campaign events and obligations throughout the past week, including a drive-through fundraiser Tuesday at the Crystal Cove Shake Shack in Newport Beach and a precinct walk on Saturday.

Ouch. the Tuesday referenced in the article is yesterday.

Now, the former senator is isolating in his Costa Mesa home and notifying those with whom he may have had contact. Aside from the occasional cough, bouts of fatigue and long periods of sleep, Moorlach said he and his wife are feeling fine, given the circumstances, and are focused on recuperating.

Good Lord Moorlach – you told the media you were pausing your campaign. I got a screenshot of the article before the LA Times updated it with a different headline:

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Moorlach’s campaign for O.C. Supervisor paused after he, wife test positive for COVID-19

John Moorlach, a former state senator and Orange County supervisor announced Wednesday he and wife Trina tested positive for COVID-19 and were self-isolating in their Costa Mesa home.

(Courtesy of Moorlach family)


FEB. 24, 2021 1:53 PM PT

John Moorlach’s campaign for Orange County supervisor hit a snag this week, after the former state senator and his wife, Trina, learned Monday they had both tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Clueless. It is time for Moorlach to retire and get well from the Covid.

Now for some irony. John Moorlach is on a poorly done video trashing the City of Costa Mesa. Enjoy the subject matter and note the twiddling of the thumbs and the awkward pauses. His staff used to coach him through this and it appears his campaign staff are not cutting it on a whole bunch of fronts. Yikes.

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