Feb 202021
From Carl Brickey:
CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson and CRP Operations Director Danielle Cullum are either incompetent or they intentionally mislead me.
Nelson and Cullum were copied on every challenge and Nelson specifically stated in the email below that these challenges are properly addressed to the Proxies & Credentials Committee.  The challenges were submitted to the Proxies and Credentials Committee because I was told to send them there.
The CRP staff and Proxies & Credentials Committee Chair Patricia Welch have been in possession of these challenges for several days and could have sent them to the Rules Committee themselves or told me to send them to the Rules Committee.
This is an entirely corrupt process and so are the individuals involved.
Carl Brickey

From: Sarah Nelson <snelson@cagop.org>
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021 3:11 PM
To: Carl Brickey <cbrickey@outlook.com>
Cc: Danielle Cullum <dcullum@cagop.org>; Patricia Welch <patriciawelch@mindspring.com>; Aaron Park <aaronfpark71@yahoo.com>; atitus@bhmlaw.com <atitus@bhmlaw.com>; ashlee@bhmlaw.com <ashlee@bhmlaw.com>
Subject: Re: Challenging Regular Delegate Status of Linda Alston

Your email has been received. If you believe that Mr. Holtsclaw and Ms. Alston are not properly seated as delegates, you may address your concerns to the Proxies & Credentials committee.
Thank you.


On Feb 14, 2021, at 10:49 PM, Carl Brickey <cbrickey@outlook.com> wrote:


Please see attached letter challenging the regular delegate status of Linda Alston.
Carl Brickey
Appointed Delegate, California Republican Party (2021-2022)

<Tehama County Challenge 02.14.2021.pdf>

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  One Response to “Corruption Part 2: The Grand Lie The Same CRP Staff that Called the FBI on Me Lied to Thwart Complaints About Fraud”

  1. The final vote…Steve Frank lost by 294 votes. But of course the Consultants working with Ms. Patterson gathered over 300 proxies and Steve had no real chance against the ‘Corrupt Proxy Machine’…(It looks like Steve actually won with the delegates in attendance). Proxies are a cancer in the California State Party…All proxy voting needs to be ended. Cancer is Cancer…just reducing the amount of cancer does not cure the patent….and the California Republican Party is a very ill patent—that can’t win elections or the respect and trust of the California voters!…..

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