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Blogger’s Note: Scott Winn and Corey Uhden turned in 300 Proxies at the CAGOP Convention. Both were voting on accepting proxies at the meeting. Both were paid to gather proxies. Cozy.

The CAGOP Proxies and Credentials Committee met.

The Chairwoman, likely on the advice of David Stafford Reade added six members to the committee. The composition of the members was as deliberate as the rules committee.

Notable members are Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and Jason Scalese. They all work together. Udhen and Winn are out in the public Trump Haters who advocated for Impeachment. Winn orchestrated the lynching of Ted Howze.

Jessica Patterson also put Michael Holdsclaw – the “Chair” of Tehama on the committee whose Central Committee did not meet and did not organize.

In addition Mandy Edson, a delegate from the fake Yuba GOP whose husband Ryan Edson is the chair of the fake Glenn GOP.

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There are two other members whose status was also challenged.

See how that works?

What the lawyers that run the CAGOP did in order to avoid dealing with the problem and to seal the fraud is said the complaints should have been sent to the rules committee. No one told us beforehand, in fact Sarah Nelson who called the FBI on me told Carl Brickey to send them to proxies and credentials. Once again the Staff of the CAGOP stuck their finger on the scale in order to manipulate the outcome. Click here to see the CAGOP Staff in action participating in the cover up.

Meantime, the Proxies and Credentials Committee has more conflicts of interest than Tom Ross.

In the meeting they admitted several violations of CAGOP By-Laws and State Election Law and then did nothing about it.

The staff of the CAGOP admitted in the public forum that they neither follow up nor verify submissions from counties – as in they just take their word for it.

The CAGOP is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up big time.

BTW – if we’d have sent the complaints to the rules committee, they’d have said we were supposed to send them to the Proxies and Credentials Committee.


They are now cheating.

The Proxies and Credentials Committee just allowed proxies with no dates, Cross-Outs, and one with a forward date according to people watching the meeting.

It finally took the humiliating duplication of Kevin McCarthy’s proxy to stop some of the corruption.

When Kevin McCarthy’s proxy came up with duplication, that finally stopped the democrat party tactics of count every ballot regardless of the rules.

Three proxies with scratched out dates were allowed, all three were Jessica Patterson votes. Speaking of rigging the system. And, they keep going back and forth.

The CAGOP Staff are the same people that called the FBI on me.

UPDATE 2: They have admitted about 10 proxies with clear rules violations.

UPDATE 3: They are targeting Steve Frank proxies, they threw out Mark Gilham’s Proxy because Gilham’s pen ran out of ink and he signed a second time. But, they have allowed Patterson proxies missing dates, with scratchouts, etc.

UPDATE 4: scratched out names allowed. Multiple people texting me about graphic bias in favor of Jessica Patterson supporters.

UPDATE 5: just accepted a proxy from a patterson supporter who did not know their own address

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