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When I talk about rigged conventions and breaking the script, it should be the standard attack pattern for like minded conservatives to burn down the CAGOP. (Uh-oh, trigger words)

Exclusive to Right on Daily – the “Leadership” Text drill. This is something that was known, but this is the first time I have had proof.

In 2019, I had been told that the leadership Text Message drill told people to vote for Peter Kuo over Corrin Rankin for Vice Chair despite the public pledges of neutrality. I had also been aware that such a system has been in use for several years in order to get the drones, staffers and consultants to vote as a block. This is one of the many things done to rig and control CAGOP conventions by the consultants and control agents. 

Rigged can mean a variety of things. In the case of the CAGOP – it is referring to the shrinking coven of control agents that are paid thousands of dollars to control the outcome of each CAGOP convention. I am convinced that a major objective, besides re-electing the extremely flawed Chairwoman, was Faulkner. The cross-contamination of staff and consultants was far too large to ignore.

I had written in previous posts about all of the things we blew the whistle on leading up to the convention and then several others that happened at the convention. These are a laundry list for future legal action against the CAGOP for conflicts of interest, violating their by-laws and violating state election law.

Stripping Modoc County Chairman Bob Zane of his delegate status. Under State Election Law he is the Chairman of that county until a valid election is held to replace him. They cured this defect on Saturday at the convention but the fact that the biased CAGOP staff stripped Zane of his delegate status is an outrage and a basis for action.

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Refusing to act on the violations of election law by Tehama, Glenn and Yuba County – while stubbornly refusing to reinstate Modoc’s delegates.

Likely deliberate action of CAGOP Staff to forestall complaints about the above.

Allowing the LAGOP to violate State Party By-Laws calling for elections to fill 13 empty districts, seating the delegates and hiding behind procedural nuance to cover up the deliberately allowed violation of CAGOP By-Laws.

The rules committee having pre-written language to change submitted by-law amendments. Their likely conflict of interest and backroom dealing over the infamous Rule 5 Faulkner Jam Down endorsement. The pedigree of many members of the CAGOP rules committee with conflicts of interest.

The CAGOP Rules Committee listing Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager David Stafford Reade as a member who has a vested interest in an outcome of the complaints and contested proxies.

The Proxies and Credentials Committee, with paid consultants voting on decisions, violating the enumerated CAGOP rules on proxies. Three of the consultants were and are paid to harvest the same proxies whose validity they were voting on.

CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson deliberately appointing 6 contested delegates as members of the CAGOP Proxies and Credentials committee in a narcissitic rage creating another conflict of interest. Those same appointed members voted on their own eligibility to participate in the convention.

Several delegates unable to vote in floor sessions.

Refusing to recognize several delegates wanting to speak, make motions, points of order, points of information and the like.

Had Steve Frank not lost by the margin he did, I’d have sued the CAGOP. Thanks to the biased and incompetent CAGOP Staff, they gave me standing to sue the CAGOP by sending the FBI to my door thus making me an interested party. I may yet sue the CAGOP over the grotesque conflicts of interest, willful violations of its’ own by-laws, the violations of the corporation code in the way meetings were run, credentialed delegates unable to vote and the like.

This is what I mean by rigged.

The problem is that Steve Frank was the wrong messenger. We exposed every flaw within the GOP. We beat the consultants and control agents on several key battles. We had the right message. But Steve Frank was unable to win.

The corruption in the CAGOP needs to be remembered because it will be an issue in a closer election. It also needs to be remembered as people will not stop trying to cashier the party in future years and elections.

Why did Steve Frank lose? I had several friends call me and I sought out several friends after the convention in order to determine what happened to figure out why Mr. Frank lost by 294 votes (roughly 23% margin).

First off – I knew Steve was going to lose. I told my candidate as such. I did not have the margin as large, but courtesy of the biased CAGOP staff yukking it up with Scott Winn and Corey Uhden when they delivered their 300ish proxies I knew that Steve was going to lose big mid Saturday.

Secondly – I had Jessica’s Vote total between 711-751. She got 732. I know the consultants and CRP staff thought they were the only ones that knew this. I was the only guy Steve Paid, while Patterson spent $140K. I think Patterson get ripped off.

In the post mortem, I have been able to identify large blocks of voters that disdained Jessica but could not bring themselves to vote for Steve. I also found some that had flipped, but not as many as I had expected. Specifically, I got feedback that many people disliked Jessica Patterson, including some that voted for her. They saw Patterson as the better of two bad candidates. I had a hard time finding anyone that supported Patterson on the merits (most were staffers, consultants or legislative members). The sad fact is that many people told me they could not relate or connect with Steve.

I had others tell me that Steve did not perform well when he spoke to stakeholders (some of whom I spoke to). It was the classic grumpy old man argument against Mr. Frank.

I could not tell that the outright lies told about Steve Frank had any effect – the feedback I got was almost unanimous about Steve’s approach, demeanor and countenance.

Not one person contested the message or the points we raised. They did however take some issues with how we did it. This would have been 100% the problem had a candidate like myself ran for CAGOP Chair. It was a personality problem 100%.

The proof is in the results. We stopped the Faulconer Jam-Down and elected two solid conservatives to the CAGOP Board with opposition. A unified conservative movement can accomplish a lot despite the odds and the rigged conventions.

In the next and final installment of the CAGOP Convention wrap-up, I will pen a benediction from myself with challenges for conservatives on the next moves and in indictment of Jessica Patterson as a reflection of the consultant class.

P.S. The leak that sent me proof of the “leadership text message” drill had this to say:

Aaron, Thank you for your insights on the convention. It’s Anonymous Me again. Please shield my identity and keep my identity confidential.
Below is a screen shot of text messages I received during the Business Meeting. I watched the Zoom meeting on my laptop while I also set up my smartphone with the voting application.  Consider my shock when a quick poll or a vote is called and I go to my phone to cast the vote, and lo and behold, the screen flashes a text instructing me on how to vote, DURING THE VERY TIME I AM CASTING MY VOTE . This is electioneering at its very worst. I was shocked that the CAGOP would be so tone deaf as to do something like this. Such disrespect for the intelligence of the Delegate (No, we are not all millennials) and utter rudeness to our candidate Steve Frank. Who sent the texts? Staff of CAGOP. In every membership  organization I’ve been involved with, the staff stays conscientiously neutral on matters of elections of leadership because they understand that the organization exists to serve the members, not the employees. It is considered inappropriate and even raises questions of conflict of interest when the staff tries to influence the members’ vote. At times during the convention I wondered if I was  living in 1933, in Moscow . At least the  staffers have no shame in what they are doing and don’t try to disguise their identity or  contact information.
Is this any way to run a Party?
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  1. Steve was the right candidate…take the proxies out of the mix and he wins. Patterson’s team had 300 proxies. Steve lost by 294. It was nearly the same two years ago. DSR sat next to me in Yolo Delegation. I ask him two years ago and he said he had 254. Both times the Moderates elect a chair with proxies. Travis Allen would have won two year ago if DSR did have those proxies….and this time Patterson, with incumbent advantage was in a toss up against Steve if you take the proxies out of the mix.

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