Feb 192021

NOTE: The CAGOP Election vendor is now admitting that people can register for the convention and then foward their secret link to others in order to vote it. This confirms what I wrote yesterday about how the consultants will rig the election and further violate the CAGOP’s By-Laws.

Well, here you go. Similar to some of the groups that endorsed Jessica without inviting Steve to speak or compete for the endorsement, we have received word from several people inside LA County as follows:

Aaron, I must remain anonymous, but this

“Endorsement” is quite concerning to me. According to my recollection, the LAGOP Central Committee NEVER held an endorsement vote. How do endorsements happen? Unless the Executive Comm has the right to endorse without the knowledge of the Committee at large, I don’t know how this is legitimate.
Your recent column indicates you have the Minutes of LAGOP meetings. Perhaps I missed something.
You may contact me but PLEASE do not disclose my name m
I left the typos in the email on purpose so you’d see it is authentic.
I also have Rick Marshall who has video of the meetings, and three other delegates from LA County who have told me that the LAGOP did not elect the 12 empty district nominees, nor did they have a vote to endorse Jessica Patterson either.
It is clear that the consultants are flaunting the CRP’s By-Laws and daring anyone out there to do anything about it.
I am being told by insiders that the CAGOP’s staff and others are trying to figure out how to deny all of the complaints about election fraud. I am also sure that the control agents are also attempting to cover their tracks as well.
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