Feb 252021

Some people have complained that my comments about the CAGOP’s staff being corrupt and in the bag are too harsh.

I lifted this off of Twitter on 12-26-2020. My guess is the tweet was week old when I lifted it off of Twitter. Note the CAGOP liking this tweet. I’ve yet to see the CAGOP “liking” anything from John Cox, Doug Ose, Major Williams, Errol Webber, Diego Garcia or any other rumored governor candidate.

Note that just days after I lifted this tweet – Faulconer signed the recall. They had this planned from jump street and STEVE FRANK BLEW IT UP. They may have stopped him from getting elected Chairman but Conservatives ran the table on them all week.

Then there is this – Faulconer Sycophant former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring was on the dope rhyme… and so was CAGOP Staff again:

Whoopsie. No wonder why I could not get information from them and I had to blow my stack. No wonder why I was able to prove so much so easily about the convention just passed. Take note, this will happen again and again unless these people are terminated from employment and office.


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  One Response to “Always Pay Attention: The CAGOP’s Staff Have Been in the Bag for Faulconer All Along and STILL ARE Even After Being Exposed! #CORRUPTION”

  1. Ya know, just tell Nehring that, like John Cox is, Trump violated the 11th Commandment many times…and Ya know, Trump was right to do so. The 11th Commandment is what RINOs use to hide behind and why the CRP is so weak. I will be voting for John Cox!

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