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Well, well, well. I guess Fred Whitaker really is on tilt and the calls for him to resign over his refusal to stand up for Bill Brough’s victims – in this case holding John Moorlach and his “volunteer” campaign manager Tim Clark accountable for covering up the rape of a former Senate Staffer of John Moorlach is more than Whitaker can handle.

Whitaker had to respond to the pounding of Right on Daily with an email that can only be titled – a bonfire of ego. As is our custom at Right on Daily, we will re-write the email for accuracy. Our comments are in italics. Get a good look at the embedded photo – this is who Moorlach and the OCGOP are ignoring.

Michael Todd, begs reporters to hold Orange County Assemblyman Bill Brough accountable for allegedly raping his wife, Patricia Lenkiewicz Todd, right, in 2015. They were in her lawyer Michael Schroeder’s office in Orange on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Statement on the Special Election for Orange County Board of Supervisors, District 2

“The ballot is now set for the March 9, 2021 Special Election for Orange County Supervisor, District #2. The Republican Party of Orange County is solidly behind and will use all resources at its disposal to elect its endorsed candidate – Senator John Moorlach. We endorsed Moorlach with a behind the scenes action that included smearing the rape victim as a disgruntled former employee that was not credible. We urge you to ignore multiple media stories and the criminal investigation that is ongoing.

Senator Moorlach has a 25 year career protecting the taxpayer, and solving difficult problems. Including ignoring his staff and being indifferent to them. To safely reopen our economy, and solve the problems at the county, no one is better situated that John Moorlach. Except when it comes to addressing the ethical and moral failures of his staff. His main opponent is Progressive Socialist Democrat – Mayor of Costa Mesa – Katrina Foley. Just drive through the homeless encampments in Costa Mesa, and experience the only city in the county where police are citing businesses for being open – and you will experience what is coming to Orange County if she is elected.

Republicans are uniformly commenting on social media that three Republicans risk electing Katrina Foley. It is a very real concern. We did our part to make this a reality because we refused to acknowledge the moral failure of John Moorlach, choosing instead to double down on one of our favorites regardless of merit.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

We thank Mayor Will O’Neil of Newport Beach, Councilman Erik Petersen of Huntington Beach, and Councilman Mike Posey of Huntington Beach – all good Republican council members who sacrificed their ambitions for the greater conservative cause and governance in Orange County. They realized that John Moorlach is the only one that polls close to Katrina Foley and with 25 years of voter’s in the Second District supporting him in public office – the only one that in a short 45 day campaign can win. But the same polls show that John Moorlach collapses once voters are informed of his indifference to and the cover up of the rape of one of his senate staff by his now campaign manager.

We  condemn the selfishness of Mayor Michael Vo of Fountain Valley and Councilman Kevin Muldoon of Newport Beach. They have let their egos be played by public service unions and political consultants all hoping to profit from this race. Polling was shared in particular with Mr. Muldoon that showed that his best result was to be a spoiler and not a victor.  He told many that he would not be a spoiler, and yet he still decided to run. We do, however, give John Moorlach a pass for the horrific way he has addressed the scandal that has engulfed him.

We urge all Republicans in the Second District to vote for John Moorlach and reject the candidacies of Muldoon and Vo. Every dollar given and every door walked for those campaigns works to elect Katrina Foley. We will repeat this lie as long as is needed so we can blame someone else for our intransigence and refual to admit a mistake with our rigged endorsement of John Moorlach

If Republicans unite behind the one candidate that can beat Katrina Foley, we will win. If Republicans follow the egos of politicians we risk losing. We need all Republicans to come together. We did it in the 2019 and 2015 special elections for Supervisor when lesser Republicans followed their egos and not the data. We need to reject John Moorlach as he has been in office for 25 years, voted to raise taxes many times and is indifferent to the rape of one of his former Senate Staffers.

With your help, we can do it again. Support John Moorlach.”

Blogger’s Note: Fred Whitaker is in a bear trap of his own making and lashing out at people for not towing the line for a fatally flawed candidate is laughable – especially when he is knee deep in the victim-shaming smears himself. Ego is a deadly character defect and it is having a splatter effect all over the OCGOP. We’re not done with the OCGOP or the good ‘ols boys network down there, not by a longshot. However it is nice to know that similar to last year with the Bill Brough saga, I have their attention again.

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