Jan 132021

Tim Clark is a victim don’t you know. He is being slandered (it is actually called libel if it is in writing) according to his whiny comments in the Orange County Register today.

The Orange County Register followed up on a letter Trish Todd sent to your intrepid blogger calling Tim Clark and John Moorlach out for smearing her. Read that letter here and read it carefully. Note that as of 7PM 1-13-2021 Moorlach has not responded. Todd alleuded to Tim Clark’s professional relationship with Bill Brough, the monster alleged to have raped her. (even a complete sociopath like Brough is presumed innocent in court despite what I think of him) I think Tim Clark is a slimebag. While discussing this with Mrs. Todd this weekend, she also sent me some text messages causing me to discover these gems on the California Secertary of State’s website:

From Bill Brough’s 2014 Campaign Finance Reports

The Register also has learned that Clark and Brough had a previous working connection.

State records show that Clark worked as a consultant on Brough’s 2014 campaign for Assembly, months before Todd told him about the rape. In 2014, Brough paid Clark’s consulting firm $14,141. Two years later — months after Todd told Clark about the alleged rape — Brough paid Clark’s firm an additional $42,682.

Clark said the payments were for his work handling voter contact during Brough’s 2014 campaign. He said the larger 2016 payment was for that same work, and noted that it shows up in Brough’s 2014 records because it took place during that period. The second payment could be what’s known as a “win bonus,” which is commonly earned by political consultants if their candidate wins an election.

So now there is a double nexus for the ethically and morally challenged Tim Clark to have covered up the rape. Brough was a paying client and Moorlach is and has been Tim Clark’s meal ticket. Cozy.

It would actually be libel to call Tim Clark ethical or trustworthy.

These payments were made AFTER Tim Clark covered up the rape of Trish Todd

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Your Intrepid blogger tore in to Tim Clark and his years-long pattern of questionable behavior. This is why I am not surprised one bit that Clark would cover up a rape to protect a paycheck, smear the rape victim and of course claim victimhood when called out on it. Unfortunately, the Orange County Register was not able to get an Orange County GOP member on the record to substantiate that Clark was calling people. The best we have thus far is Fred Whitaker’s email and John Moorlach:

In a Dec. 15 meeting with members of the Orange County Register’s editorial board, with a reporter also present, Moorlach said he believed Clark’s version of events. He called Todd a “disgruntled” employee. He said she was “assertive” and “strong willed” and not his “best hire.” When pressed for details of what he meant, Moorlach said he wasn’t allowed to comment further on personnel matters, but directed the Register to Todd’s Senate employment file for alleged evidence of his complaints.

John Moorlach is going to live to eat these words. They will be the end of his political career. In the words of Trish Todd:

During a December 2020 interview with the Orange County Register Editorial Board, who wanted to re-interview you about their endorsement when this matter came to light, you spoke to them on the record and with their reporters present.

Rather than focusing on what happened and what you could do now to bring the perpetrators to justice, you tried to victim shame me.  For example:

  • You told them that you had not been supportive of hiring me
  • You stated I was a disgruntled former employee that wanted to be your Chief of Staff
  • You claimed there were problems with my performance when I worked for you

Finally, you falsely told the Editorial Board and reporter proof of all this was in my confidential state senate personnel file.

We both know none of what you said was true. You did not fear contradiction because you knew the Orange County Register could not get a copy of my personnel file under state law and you also knew it was illegal for you to even tell the Orange County Register what was in it without my permission. A line you crossed because you did not think you would get caught.

In order to clear up any legal or ethical restraints you may claim about finally telling the truth, I hereby release you from all privacy protections I have regarding my personnel file.

I am happy to sign anything reasonable confirming you are so released.  Of course, I expect you to now tell the world by Thursday, January 14, 2021 the truth about what you claim is in my file.

In my previous post about Tim Clark, I wrote the following:

If you think that Clark’s cover up of the rape of Trish Todd was about anything other than trying to stop bad news for his boss who was brand new in the senate at the time, you do not understand the moral and emotional corruption of that man. Healthy people would have dealt with the issue head on, and helped the victim. Not Clark. He threw her under the bus. So did John Moorlach. They should both be removed far, far away from anything resembling political authority.

This past weekend, I discovered the rest of the story. Tim Clark was William “Bill” Brough’s campaign consultant in his 2014 Assembly Campaign. Right now, he is a “volunteer” for John Moorlach for Supervisor. Uh-huh.

Trish Todd got Raped, John Moorlach didn’t give a shit. Tim Clark covered it up. Todd wrote:

Upon my departure you never said goodbye or called to ask why I was leaving.  A little compassion and humanity from the person I respected would have helped in my long recovery journey.

What did you do? Instead of helping or reaching out to me, you claimed that you blindly believed Tim Clark, despite his being at the time not just your Chief of Staff, but also on Bill Brough’s campaign payroll.

Good Bye John Moorlach. Your political career is over. Tim Clark, I am younger than you and I am patient.

To be continued…

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