Jan 272021

The same Big Government John that attempted to gut term limits in order to benefit himself also attempted to muzzle political opponents. John Moorlach voted to create an Orange County Version of the “Fair Political Practices Commission” – as in another government bureaucracy.

Voting against the plan were Supervisors Janet Nguyen, Pat Bates and Chris Norby. Such limitations and boards in other Southern California counties have only hurt those candidates who want to challenge incumbents and they are criminalizing free speech, Norby said.

Someone want to tell me what this “Conservative” was thinking, voting yes on this?

John Moorlach voted to muzzle people… while his supporters claim what a great conservative Moorlach is, they are willfully ignorant of Big Government John’s true nature.

“All these do in any of these counties is to force the money underground,” Norby said. “Increasingly, politics is a rich man’s game.”

Such laws have also created the “smear machines” created by committees who make large independent expenditures to candidates, Norby said.

Supervisors Bill Campbell and John Moorlach voted for the plan.

So – John Moorlach, who made as high as $237k a year off of the taxpayers took action to make politics a rich man’s game.

Let’s see, taxing illegal immigrants, waffling on sales taxes, voting for 180 property tax resolutions and of course attacking the first amendment. This is the John Moorlach experience.

Yet, The Orange County Republican Party blindly endorsed this guy.

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