Jan 122021

With Trish Todd publicly calling John Moorlach Out – this blog from a few weeks ago is even more timely than it ever was before. This was originally posted 12-7-2020.

I am starting to wonder if it is time to write a series of blogs about why it sucks to be John Moorlach. Because it has to suck to be him right now.

How much is the Sheriff’s Union going to spend now!?

John Moorlach is covered in political tar. He is rolling in it. His recent Moorlach Update had several gems in it. (By Comission and Omission, by the way)

The Orange County Register lit John Moorlach up over not knowing and not caring about the rape of a former staffer of his. One key point in the article was a call Moorlach got from former Senator Dick Ackerman inquiring about the incident, based on a 6-1-2020 blog post from yours truly.

Dick’s memory of the call went further than mine, and I could not recall the remainder of the conversation when asked by the reporter. But, yesterday, I did some digging in my files and found my notes about the call. According to them, Dick did mention the blog, that an investigation of Brough was still ongoing in the State Assembly and that the blogpost reported someone in my office had been assaulted.The blog is one that so often makes scurrilous attacks on office holders and others without back-up information, as many websites do. Because I’ve read countless unsubstantiated stories in blogs like this over the years, I tend to discount them.

More importantly, I had heard absolutely nothing about these accusations from anyone over five years, so my instinct would have been to consider them baseless and just more trading in destructive, ugly rumors.


I do find it amazing that nowhere in any of his comments is any outrage about Tim Clark covering up the rape. Moorlach admitted his continuing affiliation with Clark in the Orange County Register Story however.

It is however, consistent with the CAGOP “Chairwoman” saying nothing about Bill Brough’s actual actions or the victims in public comments. It is, however consistent with Marie Waldron (the Assembly Leader) saying nothing at all about anything Brough. And it is sadly consistent with the behind-the-scenes smears of the rape victim by Tim Clark and Fred Whitaker.

In summary – John Moorlach says he knew nothing about the rape of his staffer.
John Moorlach now knows that Tim Clark (then his Chief of Staff and current campaign consultant) covered it up.
John Moorlach has said nothing about Clark and still affiliates/employs him.
John Moorlach is told about the rape by Dick Ackerman.
Moorlach ignores said rape because he does not like your intrepid blogger.

Keep digging Johnny. Yikes.

P.S. John – don’t be mad at your intrepid blogger, just look at these blogs like I’m giving you a political noogie. Because I care.

Note that Neither Marie Waldron nor Jessica Patterson, the vaunted “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP have had a thing to say publicly as of 1-12-2021 about Assemblyman Bill Brough’s rampage against women. So much for the Woman leaders we were supposed to celebrate.

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