Jan 282021

According to Moorlach’s own blog – he had a backpacking trip and a well deserved vacation, etc etc etc. Moorlach got blasted by the Fullerton Informer.

You know I am plain sick and tired of the phony phiscal conservatives that sit back and FOCUS ON SOME LAME FISCAL ISSUE WHILE THEY let our children be destroyed.  Mayday Moorlach has been up on this hill for how long and he is already not showing up for work on the most crucial vote of his life? I don’t care what his excuse was. They have wheelchairs, portable dialysis machines, IV’s with wheels, skype, airplanes, taxis, telephones and just about anything else that could have been used for him to get him into the chair he was sent to Sacramento to occupy. None of these are of any use when you are absent for the wrong reasons. WHERE THE HELL WAS JOHN? He was on a nature hike with his “kids”.

This is proof that John Moorlach was not ready to govern once elected and kind of backed in to the job. Orange County deserves better than an absentee Senator.

This pattern repeated for the 5 years he was a Senator. Moorlach should have known that he’d be needed to stand up for us. However, he had other priorities. Further evidence of his refusal to govern and lead is his indifference (and worse smearing the victim) to the rape of one of his staffers.

Mr. Moorlach even celebrated leaving Joel Anderson behind and on his own. Oh mama, this is getting bizarre quick.

I’d imagine that the anti-vaxxers burnt Moorlach on the mercury altar over this.

Does John Moorlach give a rip about anything or anyone anymore? Why is he running for yet another office?

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