Jan 262021

In an election era punctuated by border walls, border rage, terrorism, and President Obama imposing his will to bring in immigrants from high-risk areas, SJR13 ought to turn your stomach.

30 years ago John Moorlach saved Orange County – or so the story goes. Literally, there is a fringe element that have worshiped at the temple of Moloch religiously since. John Moorlach (Moloch) has been in office since I was in Grade School.

The irony is that those most loyal to the Presidential Candidate who has brought the border to the forefront – are also the same base that worship at the temple of Moloch. They abhor career politicians yet some are willing to sacrifice at the temple nonetheless. What would they do if they knew about the great Moloch and SJR13?

SJR13 was a resolution introduced by Kevin DeLeon – the generalissimo of the California State Senate. (Who famously was holding up evil guns he wanted to ban in a press conference whilst being too stupid to know what the name of the gun he wanted to ban was.)

SJR13 was an attempt by the California State Senate to weigh in on a supreme court case about how districts are drawn.

You see – in downtown LA, John Perez, the former speaker of the Assembly won his primary with 6,000 votes. Out in Orange County, Don Wagner needed 30,000 to win his primary. (same number of candidates on the ballot in each case)

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Why is this? Non-Citizens tend to live in poor areas. Non-voters do, too. When districts are drawn, they are drawn by bodies – so non-citizens (legal and illegal) and unregistered voters are counted in the 465,000 people that are in each legislative district.

The case before the supreme court that SJR13 targeted was brought by Texas. Texas recognized rightly that the current system disenfranchises American Citizens and Registered voters of representation. They have asked the Supreme Court to determine reapportionment – whether it is by People (currently done), by Citizens or by Registered voters.

Kevin DeLeon and John Moorlach voted for a resolution calling on the Supreme Court to maintain the status quo.

It appears that John Moorlach is a hypocrite at worst, or at best he was completely clueless and did not read SJR13 before voting yes. The great Moloch failed his subjects and committed citizenship heresy.

One of the themes about John Moorlach is that he is useless to the Republican Party – when he had an opportunity to stand up for American Citizens getting deprived of representation – he sided with the democrats who benefit from disproportionate representation based on the current system which screws rural areas and suburban areas. (which are more heavily Republican)

Please note the Orange County Republican Party – that is still very loyal to President Trump actually endorsed this guy. Did they do their homework???

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