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Letter from our President
January 8, 2021

We understand that many people are outraged by the outcome of our election.  Specifically, that many of our elected Republican Representatives did not fight to ensure the integrity of our election.  This action has caused many Republicans actively involved in efforts to elect Republicans question their goals, ideals, and priorities.

Our CAGOP. has been ineffective in supporting the Grassroots efforts by many organizations and candidates during this last election. It is clear, a reorganizing of our CAGOP is necessary.  Jessica Patterson, Chair of the CAGOP, has been ineffective in promoting, supporting, and electing true Conservative Republicans.  We the people are tired of ‘status quo’ from our CAGOP Leadership and demand a change.

Our own Republican Party of San Joaquin has been non-existent as well.  During an election year, no events were posted, no information shared, and no coordination of any type given.  Talking with other RWC clubs and CFRW members, this type of non-support is the norm for many of our central committees throughout the state.  Don’t believe me, check out their website.

San Joaquin County GOP | About SJGOP

You may ask why am I throwing San Joaquin County GOP, CAGOP, and the GOP under the bus? Primarily because RWC – San Joaquin has taken on the role of our Central Committee.  We have coordinated efforts with other Grassroots organizations throughout San Joaquin and Stanislaus County during 2020 to:

1. Drop off campaign signs
2. Deliver groceries to the elderly during the Pandemic
3. Setup booths for the Recall Gavin Newsom petition signing
4. Coordinated a Golf Fundraiser for 7 Congressional Candidates throughout California, (Many local candidates attended as well.)
5. Attended Festivals (prior to Covid Lockdown) distributing candidate information and registering voters
6. Held meeting to meet candidates

This all done by volunteers!!!  We received no paycheck, no consulting fees, and no support from our CAGOP or our San Joaquin County Republican Party!

The election results should motivate each and every one of you to get involved.  No more complaining to friends and family, no more arguing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, no more complaining from the comforts of your home.  Get involved!!!

Let your voice be heard and your vote be counted!

Carol Blevins
Republican Women of California – San Joaquin County.

Blogger’s Note: The Chair of the SJ GOP is running for party office at the behest of Jessica and has endorsed Jessica. The theme of dead county parties and/or ineffective leaders forming the bulk of Jessica’s support is not lost on people. 

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  One Response to “From San Joaquin County: RWC Chapter President Unloads on Jessica Patterson (This is Typical of What We Hear in the Field Every Day)”

  1. I have noticed that when a county central committee is not effective, it’s usually run by someone who supports the current chair of CAGOP, Jessica, and those views that conservatives are not needed or wanted to help run the state party. Once a county has conservative leadership, many events, communications and excitement in that county follow quickly.

    I thank this leader for doing things in her own community.

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