Jan 222021

Proof that Career Politician, Big Government John Moorlach’s tax-raising ways are a life pattern and not just a case of political tourette’s syndrome:

Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector John M.W. Moorlach said Monday he will oppose a half-cent sales tax increase designed to help bail out the bankrupt county unless cities, school boards and agencies that would benefit from the tax agree to support it.

When Orange County was on the fiscal brink, John Moorlach could not stand up and say a resolute no to higher taxes. Why?

Quoting the LA Times 4/4/1995 article gives voters a different look than the Moorlach legend we all believe.

What should start to concern us all is the pattern of John Moorlach, tax first, ask more questions later. Remember his solution to the illegal immigration problem? An Illegal Alien Tax? But, hey – at least Now Senator Moorlach supports counting non-citizens in the census to skew representation!

A few weeks earlier, then OC Treasurer, John Moorlach was interviewed by the Bond Buyer magazine  3/24/1995 (due to the age, no link exists) saying that the voters of Orange County should decide on a half-cent sales tax increase. “This is a chance for them to weigh in, they need to decide what’s best for their school districts, for their municipalities and for the country.”  (Q And A with John Moorlach, 3/24/1995 The Bond Buyer)

This pattern of supporting Tax Raising was present More than 20 years ago when he started his career in politics!

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Even when he joined the OC Central Committee in Opposing the Tax Increase on 4/19/1995… he backed away from the vote!

In a sharp split with top Republican government and business leaders in Orange County, the GOP central committee is unanimously opposing a half-cent increase in the sales tax as a means of recovering from bankruptcy.

Among those joining in the central committee’s vote Monday night was Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector John M.W. Moorlach, who first sounded warnings about the county’s investment practices during a failed election campaign last year.

Moorlach, who was recently appointed to the office he had sought after the resignation of Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert L. Citron, on Tuesday backed away from the central committee vote, saying that he is still “soul searching” on the issue.

“I’m still trying to see what other alternatives we can come up with,” said Moorlach, adding that he probably should have abstained and expects to make up his mind in a few days.

It does indeed look like the fealty of the OC GOP Central Committee has created a case of amnesia. When the record is exposed, the overtaxed voters of Orange County will reject big government John. John Moorlach.  Reputation versus truth – this is the crux of the 2021 Orange County Supervisor Special Election.


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