Jan 122021

Blogger’s Note: These are not solicited and are coming in on the natural. In this case I can tell you it is from someone in Yolo County but was asked to redact the name of the author.

Dear Patriots

My Grassroots team from the Bay Area had a zoom call sat evening.
We are extremely disappointed in the CAGOP leadership, more like, lack of leadership. We have 6 action steps. We are working on 1 & 2 now. We meet in 2 weeks to assess progress.
#1. Work on obtaining signatures for the Newsom recall. He & his tyranny must go.
#2 we must call every Senate & House Republican & tell them we’ve had enough of their inept leadership that did not support the Constitution.
The election was fraudulently executed by unconstitutional actions.
The States were the Legislators did not implement proper voting changes & procedures should have been sent back to those states. The Governors, the courts & bureaucrats cheated their states & the American People of a Free & Fair Election.
The Rule of Law & Our Constitution has been violated.
Where to go from here is to continue to grow the Rural Alliance & incorporate all grassroots teams to counter the GOP establishment.
We think we should have The Trump Caucus. If we cannot turn the GOP around, there is talk of “‘A 1776 Party” or “The American Patriots Party”.  That didn’t work well for Ross Perot.
In my personal opinion, it was President Trump that brought new energy to the GOP The Rhinos repaid the win with Ryan & failed healthcare.   These Rhinos have no grit to counter the Destructive Democratic Party. They are weak. They fought against the Trump Presidency for 4 years. This party has proven to be inept.
President Trump’s policies are good for America. We must advance America First Policies. He repeatedly asked for the Repeal of section 230 for Big Tech. The GOP seems to lack common sense strategies to counter the Democratic Party.
My disappointment in the outcome of this election and the lack of Our Republican Leadership to support Our Constitution has illuminated the disregard for the Rule of Law. The fallout is Conservative censorship & a two tiered justice system.
We watched a summer of protesters, which destroyed businesses & cities to the cost of 2 billion dollars. The breach of the Capitol was wrong. All of the above is wrong. Where is prosecuting to the full extent of the law for BLM & Antifa?
We watched our Senators & Congressmen cowering & afraid. Were not those living in those Democratic cities afraid, day after day, watching their businesses & cities burn during the summer of. “PeacefulProtesters.”
Our Representatives in Congress are out of touch from the every day life of the people they represent.
We now must counter the Biden Administration, The censorship of conservatives from The Media & Big Tech and the Establishment GOP.
It is unfortunate that we do not have President Trump to lead us in this monumental task.  Quite frankly, I wonder if we have lost America.  It is not in our American DNA to stand down. My question remains, are there enough of us to take back what will be lost from a Biden Administration?
Just one Patriotic Woman’s opinion.
(((Name Redacted)))


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  One Response to “CAGOP Update: Yet Another Indictment of Jessica Patterson From the Field”

  1. I know the author and can attest that the above is accurate. She and she is an honest hard working Republican Leader that is just as fed up as I am with the CRP and the Anti-Trumpers!

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