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The Bay Area GOP is a front group controlled by Luis Buhler. Buhler at one point was a powerful player in the CAGOP, then the money behind him dried up. That said, he is still an embedded piece of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. His talking points are always in sync with the establishment. Below is his email with fact checks from your intrepid blogger in italics.

Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chairwoman
Jessica Patterson has delivered the best results the California Republican Party has seen in decades. She deserves re-election as Chairwoman of the California GOP. She has failed as chair of the CAGOP. 
The results speak for themselves. Under Jessica’s leadership the California GOP:
  • Flipped four Congressional seats from Democrat to Republican Fact Check: We lost 7 the previous cycle and are still 3 behind + She refused to allow the CAGOP to consider an endorsement of CA25 Congressman Mike Garcia. More below.
  • Reclaimed an additional GOP assembly seat. Fact Check: This seat was a fluke of Prop 14, 5 democrats filed and split the vote perfectly for the two Republicans to make the runoff. The CAGOP did next to nothing in AD38. Claiming Jessica Patterson helped facilitate this is a lie.
  • Raised $37.5 million to fund GOP candidates and our party Fact Check: This money was raised by outside interests and passed through the party. Suggesting that Jessica Patterson raised this money herself is either an outright lie or a grotesque exaggeration.
  • Helped register over 600,000 California Republicans Fact Check: This is also a lie, the CAGOP had no active voter registration program and the democrats registered 1,800,000+ voters at the same time, a net loss of 1,200,000.
  • Implemented new Get-Out-The-Vote tactics to level the playing field with Democrats Fact Check. Patterson falsely claimed to have recruited 37,500 volunteers. Only one county your intrepid blogger knows of got their list. The CAGOP also had no active volunteer recruitment program. 
  • Defeated Democrat Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra in court when they tried to prevent the CAGOP from implementing their GOTV program
  • Delivered on the most important priorities for President Trump and the Republican National Committee. Fact Check: She protected 4 delegates to the CAGOP actively campaigning for Joe Biden. 
  • Brought us a step closer to defeating Nancy Pelosi and making Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House Fact Check – confirmation of who her master really is.
  • Rallied the GOP to stop the Democrat split roll tax increase Fact Check How?
CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Rep. Mike Garcia and Jessica Patterson
Monday, January 18, 2021 / 6:30 pm
Online, Via Zoom
The California Congress of Republicans, in partnership with SPARC, Villages Club, Central Coast and East Valley Chapters, will host a virtual meeting featuring Republican Congressman Mike Garcia and CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson. With four flipped seats accomplished in the November election, Patterson is ready to take that momentum to gain more seats in the House of Representatives in 2022. Come to hear Representative Garcia and Chairwoman Patterson discuss their plans for 2021 and beyond.
Fact Check: This meeting is being done in an attempt to shunt criticism of Jessica Patterson for ignoring the LAGOP and the Ventura GOP in the 2019-2020 primary when she refused to schedule a vote for the State Party despite 100% of the local parties endorsing Mike Garcia. Note that Kevin McCarthy was supporting Steve Knight and she refused to stand up for the local parties, instead asceeding to her benefactor. 
RSVP: Learn more and register for this free briefing at this link.
Former East Bay Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker has been appointed to serve on the Fair Political Practices Commission, California’s election watchdog. She will be sworn in at the Commission’s next meeting on January 21.
Fact Check: Having a Republican like Catharine Baker on the FPPC is like asking Jack the Ripper to baby sit. State Law mandates two Republicans on the FPPC’s board, so the Republicans chosen are usually the most liberal and hostile to rank and file Republicans. Baker is no different. The FPPC is the campaign finance watchdog.
Baker, who served in the Assembly from 2014 to 2018, will serve a four-year term on the Commission. Baker has practiced election law and served as special counsel at the firm Hoge Fenton. She currently resides in Alameda County.    . . .  read more
GOP Senate Majority Hinges on Georgia Races
A Republican majority in the U.S. Senate depends on victory in at least one of the two Georgia Senate elections scheduled for Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
You can support both GOP candidates and the National Republican Senatorial Committee by contributing via the link below. Please be aware that many organizations are mentioning the Georgia runoff in their fundraising appeals but are not directly assisting in these races.
You can also sign up to make calls to Georgia voters by clicking on the Volunteer Sign Up button below.
January Events
See Details on BayAreaGOP Home Page
Tue 5 – Georgia U.S. Senate Run-Off
Wed 6 – Congress Meets to Count the Electoral Votes
Wed 6 – CAGOP Training for Newly Elected Public Officials: You’ve Been Elected. Now What? Fact Check: Because the CAGOP isn’t going to do a thing for you anyway… (except for pass-through donations the chair will take credit for that is…)
Fri 8 – SVARW Friday Forum
Tue 12 – Liberty Forum Presents Professor Richard A. Epstein on Coping with COVID
Wed 13 – Mt Diablo Republican Club Presents: Ron Trowbridge, Ph.D. on California Resurgence FACT CHECK: Steve Frank is also speaking to this meeting, note how Buhler deleted him from the list. What else would you expect after at least 8 lies and distortions in the above portion of this email? 
Fri 15 – The Hoover Institute Presents: China’s Global Sharp Power – Xi Jinping’s Himalayan Overreach
Mon 18 – CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Rep. Mike Garcia and Jessica Patterson
Wed 27 – Marin Republican Women Federated Presents: Andrea Widburg on What Do We Need To Do Now?
View the Complete BayAreaGOP Upcoming Events List
Save the Date
Wed Feb 17 – CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Prof. Michael McConnell on What’s Next for the Supreme Court
View the Complete BayAreaGOP Upcoming Events List
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