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Let me make a prediction: Kevin Faulconer is going to try to take over the recall. He has to. John Cox should have written out a $1Million or $2Million check to the recall weeks ago once it was clear that Kevin Faulconer was not interested then.

Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Randle, Tom Ross and crew have recognized that the recall of Gavin Newsom has legs. (Note: All three gave us Arnold in 2003) In 2003, Ross and Randle were part of the crew that shoved Darrell Issa aside after he had put $5 Million of his own dollars in to Recsue California. (Similar to current day, there was the main recall and Rescue California off to one side)

There is no separation between Kevin Faulconer and the CAGOP’s leadership. It is also clear to me that the CAGOP’s leadership have been stung by the criticism of Steve Frank and crew over their stonewalling, tepid at best support of the recall. The criticism of stealing from the recall, using it to raise money in to the CAGOP’s treasury versus helping the recall has also stung.

In response to the CAGOP stealing money from the recall effort by fundraising off of it – Steve Frank made a formal request of the CAGOP’s Board of Directors to send the money they raised to the Recall amongst other things.

To that end, Jessica Patterson is currently telling people something similar to “staff is looking at moving up the 1-21-2021 CAGOP Board Meeting to accomodate requests to address the recall of Gavin Newsom“. Patterson is going to attempt to claim that she decided to move up the board meeting before Steve’s request. This is absurd, she is the “chairwoman” and could have moved the board meeting herself. Remember – she did not give notice before calling board meetings to lynch Ted Howze and Mike Cargile. Do not be fooled she does not need staff to look in to anything. She could tell the board they are meeting tonight and that would be the same way she handled lynching Ted Howze and Mike Cargile.

Similar to how they are trying to change the narrative on voter registration, they are going to attempt to change the recall narrative as well. This is how the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure does business. Patterson is only now interested because Ross, McCarthy et. al. have decided to engage and their puppet Faulconer has gone public. Please see here the first post I wrote connecting some dots between the oligarchy of controlled failure and team Faulconer. This is before I learned that the current executive ditrector of the CAGOP, Sarah Nelson is an alum of the Faulconer crew in San Diego. Also read my expose of Team Meg Whitman and marvel at all the same players on Faulconer’s team today.

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I have written before that Jessica Patterson and the Oligarchy have handed over the CAGOP’s donor list to Kevin Faulconer and they have been abusing the resources of the CAGOP to promote him. This is also why the sudden reversal by Faulconer on the Newsom Recall matters:

Faulconer, who left San Diego City Hall last month after two terms as mayor, linked to the recall petition website with this tweet: “It’s a new year. We need a new governor. Jobs are leaving, homelessness is skyrocketing, and the state can’t even issue unemployment checks to people struggling right now to get by. California is better than this. Join me in signing the recall petition.”

The effort to recall Newsom has received 911,000 signatures, according to organizers. The number of valid signatures from California registered voters needed to qualify for the ballot is 1,495,709 by mid-March.

You can read the article here, but the squishes are coming. Rest assured, even without my involvement in helping Steve Frank’s Chairman campaign I’d be setting fire to these guys. I watched them foist Arnold upon us, leech $150 million off of Biden/Clinton-supporting Meg Whitman and now they have Arnold without the stardom and Meg Without the money – the trump-hating Kevin Faulconer.

They don’t deviate from their pattern and never will.

In case you are wondering who Jessica Patterson has mortgaged the CAGOP To, look at this:

CAGOP / Kevin Faulconer Update: With Faulconer being handed the CAGOP on a platter, look at recent media articles. You’ve seen it all before

All this and he supports open borders, too.

Don’t take my word for it, here is the SF Chron: Kevin Faulconer is the pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage, climate-change acknowledging, Mexico-embracing, Spanish-speaking mayor of San Diego who didn’t vote for President Trump.

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