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Hopefully, Placer County Counsel won’t need to humiliate herself again because I used this logo in a blog post

I have to be real – one of the biggest problems I have with Public Employee Unions is how they abuse Civil Service protections to protect bad or incompetent government employes from accountability. In the case of Deposed former DA management employees Jeff Wilson and Jennifer Miszkewycz, they were both considered “At Will” employees so they have less of those protections, but still get to claim the bureaucracy.

Before I get in to the update on the pending lawsuits these two are filing – I got an email from one of my sources who wrote, “I just a have a brief statement to make.  Same shit.  Different people.  Nothing is different. Please keep my name confidential. I still fret about my job.”

This suggests that New Placer DA Morgan Gire has done little or nothing about the sadistic culture that existed under Jeff Wilson and Jennifer Miszkewycz. (We will call her Jennifer M going forward) It is not a good look for a new elected official when employees hoping for relief and change still feel this way several months in to the new tenure.

Wilson and Jennifer M got bombarded by Right on Daily for a documented pattern as put to us by several informants – some of whom still work for the Placer DA’s office today. Wilson was slated to become the new DA of Placer County when Scott Owens resigned. Wilson’s fortunes changed dramatically, he want from being the #2 material in the DA’s office to unemployed and 2,200 degrees farenheit and unhireable after the expose’ on Right on Daily.

Wilson and Jennifer M decided to file General Claims / Worker’s Comp Claims that are a Chemical Precoursor to a lawsuit against the county for being terminated from employment. In layman’s terms, if you are a government employee and you are caught snorting coke on your desk, having sex with a subordinate on the clock, running a personal business on government time – you can still file and sometimes win a lawsuit when you get fired for this stuff. This is the wonderful world of civil service protections and idiot leftist judges with insane agendas.

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It is clear that Wilson and Jennifer M are counting on this absurd dynamic to profit from personally. Read their claims here.

#1 unlawfully placed on admin leave. You’d think a couple of career government employees would know you can get admin leave for a lousy haricut let alone systematic abuse of employees

#2 Wilson writes specifically, “Failed to Promote Claimant to the Position of District Attorney of Placer County” in his complaint. Narcissism 101, he was entitled, don’t you know.

#3 Both claim whistleblower status – one of the most commonly abused practices by bad Government employees.

#4 You will notice the exact same claims and claims of damages on both complaints. (Sans Wilson’s delusional claim to the DA’s office)

Similar to how Wilson and Jennifer M worked together (according to my sources) to abuse Placer County Employees – it appears they are working together to get million-dollar judgements post termination.

I also find it ironic that they are claiming loss of sleep, anxiety, humiliation, feelings of helplessness, etc. These two are reputed to have caused these exact symptoms in dozens, if not hundreds of employees over the years. But Jeff Wilson was entitled to be DA don’t you know…

The County of Placer of course denied both of these absurd Worker’s Comp claims, but people I have spoken to said that a lawsuit is coming. This is the system that has been set up to protect government employees – especially the bad ones that know how to abuse the system. The real injustice is that Jeff Wilson and Jennifer M will never face criminal consqeunces for how they ran their parts of the department.

To Be Continued…

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  3 Responses to “Placer County DA’s Office Drama Update: New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? Look at the Insane Claims Filed by Deposed Staffers”

  1. I glad they are fired. But they’re just as dirty as almost everyone with power in Placer. There needs to be a wide ranging investigation into Placer’s law enforcement system as a whole. It’s corrupt from the top down, and they have a blue wall of silence. What is it that Jennifer and Jeff are blowing the whistle on?

  2. The chief probation officer Marshall Hopper called and told me I have a death threat against my newlywed wife and newborn baby just after I filed a complaint detailing that he instructed me to manipulate the house arrest program strictly for financial gain. When I asked who made the threat, he said he didn’t know and simply hung up the phone on me. Even after filing three worker comp claims and asking the county for details, they refused to answer any questions at all, These law enforcement leaders made up a threat against the lives of my family because I reported some highly unethical and illegal acts they were engaging in. Marshall and assistant chief McManus continue their high paying jobs to this day.

  3. Blogger’s Note: The email address given was Anyone with any info is encouraged to reach out at with any info. Thank you

    Perhaps they’re complaining because they’re unfit to do the job they’re required to do. Maybe it has nothing to do with who is in charge, but more about being lazy & not wanting to work hard. You’re complaining about “At Will” employees who worked tirelessly for the County for years, and yet you’re mad about their protections? How about the dozens of useless employees that the County can’t fire because of Union protection? It would be great if you could get a life instead of trashing others. You say you want to help & shine the light on issues? How about shining the light on yourself?? You really feel better slandering other people even though the person you work for just lost his seat on the County Board. Perhaps you’re just grasping at straws trying to stay relevant.

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