Dec 212020

The game is afoot. It is clear that Jessica Patterson and team are in full gear. While they publicly say they are “doing well” their actions suggest otherwise:

I’ve been told that at least one Steve Frank supporter (who was a nominee for office and has delegate appointments) has been yelled at for endorsing Steve Frank.

In San Mateo County, Luis Buhler who is an attorney, is attempting to bully the members on that committee in to letting him change the rules so he can unseat the Chairman of San Mateo County. (I wish Buhler would put that kind of effort in to winning elections) At issue is a candidate that failed to make the runoff. The candidate is not considered a nominee and they are claiming that the State Party rule takes precedence over the County Party Bylaws. They are wrong. This is standard stuff with attorneys in politics and the main reason I treat them with contempt when they do attorney things.

It took until late last week, but I finally received reports that Jessica Patterson was actually calling people to solicit support.

A couple of failed nominees for office have been coerced in to supporting Patterson despite what was done to them. More on that later.

Patterson claimed the endorsements of people that had not signed endorsements for her when she sent her original email (this is a typical 90’s era consultant trick). More on that soon. She also claimed endorsements from a County Chairman that is moving out of state.

Patterson and crew attempted to recruit an opponent for a CRP Board Member who is a known conservative that supports Steve Frank. In the race for Chair of the County Chairs, they did indeed get an opponent for Lani Kane of Lake County.

I am also aware that Legislative leadership were and are pressuring members to tow the line and fall in for Patterson. I am not sure how those tactics engender loyalty or passionate support – but this is again another of the hallmarks of 90’s era political consultants.

I am expecting that the threats, games, intimidation, manipulation and such will intensify after the first of the year. Despite their public spin, the establishment knows they have a fight on their hands trying to get Jessica Patterson and her record of failure re-elected.

This brings me to the Convention Itself. The CAGOP By-Laws stipulate a 30-day advance notice. Note that Jessica Patteron has purged the entire CAGOP staff, save one person. This means that the current staff are all compliant to the current “leadership” of the party. As such, it is impossible to see their actions as anything but sanctioned by the party leaders to be.

The Staff of the CAGOP (also called CRP) have not sent out any details about the convention that is supposed to be from Feb 19-21. This is unprecedented, as it has been typical for the convention to be noticed and announced months in advance.

Why could this be? It is simple. Jessica Patterson can not win re-election without a Proxy drill. 44% of her votes came via proxy in 2019. I did an expose, but in short it was 259 out of 548.

As it stands right now, Sacramento County is locked down due to newsolini’s COVID edicts. Even before getting locked down, Sac County was still under a 50 person gathering restriction. Secondly, the State Party By-Laws mandate that the election convention is in Sacramento County.

It appears that they are hoping against hope that the convention will be able to be in person and as such are waiting until the last minute to put the official details out as they hold faint hopes they can do an in person convention to enable proxy voting. This is how you abuse incumbency.

Jessica and Crew should know that Steve Frank and crew are prepared to deal with any contingency – even as I call out the current CAGOP staff and “leadership” for playing games with the convention details. Team Frank will run a superior proxy drill if need and if it is a virtual convention with mail ballots, we will perform well there.

A second key issue – The election was certified on Dec 11, 2020. As of the writing of this blog Dec 21, 2020 no nominees have received any communication from the state party regarding their eligible appointments. It is the opinion of this blogger that this is being done in an attempt to give the team of the current chairwoman lead time to contact these people and is also being done in order to enable attempts to confuse would be appointers. My guess is that the forms will be timed to arrive between Christmas and New Year’s in order to increase the chances that some of the more distant or disconnected nominees will miss the form to make their appointments. This is not the behavior of a confident team.

BTW – I’ve gotten several reports that staffers have been calling delegates whose appointments are expiring to see if they are being re-appointed, they are doing this before the forms have even been sent. Once again, abusing the resources of the party and incumbency.

Patterson’s crew know that a Virtual Convention with Ballots By Mail present a variety of problems. The level of difficulty goes up getting people to fill out and mail their ballots. Proxies allow direct control of the votes, and are very easy to obtain. On the other hand, mail ballots are secret and allow people to vote their conscience and not what they are told to do. Controlling an outcome with a rigged process is a 1990’s era consultant mainstay. Persuading real party activists would be healthy and productive for the party and is an enathma to the same group.

I am going to use this blog to put all of the insider machinations out in to public view as sunlight is the antiseptic to control agents that have shredded the party. Remember, we have written that the people behind Jessica Patterson have hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) riding on keeping her in office. They will do pretty much anything to protect that – and note we do not even know the election process or how the votes will be counted. Pay attention to all the details, they are critical.

Dec 192020

A hollow endorsement and some deceptive fundraising emails is the extent of the support for the Recall from the State Party.

However, here is Travis Allen. This is what should be done: (Note the key difference between this fundraiser email and the CAGOP’s fundraising emails – leave a comment if you figure it out)


Take Back California

Gavin Newsom is at the end of his rope. Time after time, he scoffs at Californians and subjects us to strict executive orders from his office.

Shortly after photos surfaced of Gavin Newsom’s hypocritical French Laundry dinner party and exposed him as having lied about the details, he imposed another strict lockdown on the state that comes with unwarranted regulations on businesses and an illogical districting of counties.

How long will Californians continue to sit back and be content with being lied to? The answer: not much longer.

The combination of his lies and ignorantly constructed COVID regulations has given rise to the most successful recall initiative against a California Governor in 17 years.

Organizers of this recall effort report they have more than half the petition signatures needed to put the recall on the ballot, but there is a still a long way to go until the March 17th deadline.

Take Back California PAC is fully supportive of this recall, and we urge you to download, sign and mail back the petition.


Our economic and personal freedoms, and our very livelihoods are at stake; we must recall our heretic Governor Gavin Newsom in order to save them.

This may be our only shot at this… so please download, sign and return your petition to help the recall qualify for the ballot before the deadline.

Thank you,

Take Back California PAC





FPPC ID# 1406793



Dec 182020

Meet Cindy (P)Uken. She has a blog and she is a leftist moonbat. The (p)Uken report was hired (or AHEM paid for adversiting) by the former Sheriff of Riverside County – Stan Sniff ostensibly to counter the devastating impact that Right On Daily had on the Sniff Campaign.

Sniff got hammered by 18 points. Late in Sniff’s campaign, his brain trust went hard left in a vain attempt to regain traction. Some of the same bunch of cop-hating progressive wackjobs are attempting to gin up controversy because they believe in lockdowns and masks. These people, including (p)Uken are all about screwing children out of their education, shredding family holidays, decimating small business (while Big Box stay open), and shutting Churches down (while protests are allowed).

Cindy (p)Uken holds herself out as an award-winning journalist. The truth is that she is a bitter left-wing hack who is dishonest about her left-wing bias. Witness this snippet from her blog:

The letter stems from Dec. 3, 2020 when Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order in an attempt to slow the unprecedented escalation in the rate of spread of the Covid-19 virus.  The next day, Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco created a YouTube video in which he made a number of baseless claims, attacked the Governor, and stated that his department would not be enforcing the stay-at-home order.

(p)Uken is so deluded in her rage over the 2018 election that she is unable to comprehend that Governor Gavin Newsolini has been beat down by the courts several times over his unconstitutional orders.

Here is a sample for (p)Uken and her fellow leftist Mask-Nazi, property-destroying, cop-defuding commies:

Restaurant Closures deemed unconstitutional just a few days ago

Church Closures deemed unconstitutional by several courts

The precious democrat mail ballot fraud election scheme decreed by Newsolini deemed unconstitutional

Ms. (p)Uken should take notes, being clear about your bias gives you a lot of freedom to let loose with some truth bombs. (Not to be confused with the weapons her sources like to wield in “protests”)

Stating that Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco is “arrogant, non-compliant and negligent,” Democrats of the Desert and Palm Desert Greens Democrats on Thursday sent a letter of complaint to the five Riverside County Supervisors. In it, they ask implore supervisors to censure Bianco.

This is the first sentence of (p)Uken’s post. That should be the first indicator that her blog is not newsworthy, but rather it is an extreme leftist partisan attack.

Later in (p)Uken’s blog the real fascism of her and her commie friends rears itself:

The two boards of directors call on Supervisors to “publicly rebuke the actions of Sheriff Bianco and censure him at your first opportunity.”

“Your censure should condemn the Sheriff’s irresponsibility and his failure to do his duty to enforce the law. We also ask that the Board undertake a review of the Sheriff’s Departmental budget with an eye toward budgetary reductions/restrictions should the Sheriff continue to defy State orders and thereby jeopardize State funding to the County,” the letter states.

The groups of Democrats also request the Board of Supervisors to immediately exercise its administrative authority over business licenses to enforce the Governor’s stay-at-home order.

Desert Stonewall Democrats have sent a similar letter to Supervisor V. Manuel Perez.

So, (p)Uken and her fellow communists want the gulags filled with business owners and are asking the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to use the heavy hand of government to bludgeon people in to submission. Also note that they are cleverly calling for defunding the police in their screed.

Stan Sniff should be proud of this hire, she’d have fit right in to his administration. Karl Marx would be proud of these people.

Don’t worry (p)Uken – Newsolini will soon have to fight a special election because of his dictatorial behavior. I am sure you will have plenty to write about, as a sheriff that refuses to put people in Jail for living their lives is the least of your worries. Maybe you can win another award from the Politboro for your service to Newsolini.

Good Job Chad Bianco – if (p)Uken and the communists are calling for your ouster, it is obvious you are both enforcing real law and defending liberty.

Dec 182020

CAGOP Chairman’s Race Update: A Top Vendor to CAGOP is Also Jessica Patterson’s Consultant. (Think #CAPANDTRADE) (Originally written 2-7-2019) I will disclaim this post the way I do most posts about the CAGOP Swamp. I am not alleging any illegal activity. The purpose is to show how small and insular the world of the people seeking to install Jessica Patterson as CAGOP Chair is. See a recent email sent out by Meridian Pacific attempting to identify delegates supporting Mrs. Patterson: (Note, your intrepid blogger was scrubbed from the list)

Trying to Harvest Proxies. Trying to leverage important people…

Get to know Meridian Pacific – they are a top GOP Consultant. They have been for years. The entanglements in this CAGOP Chairman’s Race should be looked at. Three of their four partners are known to me, John Peschong, Matt Rexroad and Tom Ross. One of the key arguments against Jessica Patterson are the insiders that are attempting to wield the levers of power to install Jessica Patterson as CAGOP Chairman.

As of the time I wrote this blog, almost 40% (Update: I calculated the actual number at 29%) of appointed CAGOP Delegates are staff, consultants or staff of consultants. This is not a representative sample of the real GOP, this is about controlling an outcome. (I wrote a detailed blog about the staggering number of proxies and that the delegation of the CAGOP is a joke as 44% of Jessica Patterson’s Votes in 2019 were via Proxy.)

I know Matt Rexroad to be a solid Christian man. While I am of the opinion that Matt Rexroad is a liberal Republican, I have spoken to him a few times over the years. I have nothing but good interactions and experiences with him.

I do not know Tom Ross, having only met him a couple of times. He is a polite and professional man, people that have spoken to me about him always have good things to say about how he conducts himself. (Update, as of 12-2020, I can confirm Tom Ross does not like me very much)

I also do not know John Peschong, and despite my having been in CAGOP Politics for 21 years, I have never met him in person. Again, It never ceases to amaze me how many of these insiders I have not met. Again and Again, I am reminded that there are two worlds in the CAGOP – one for the consultants and insiders – then the one for the rest of us. (Note, as of 12-2020 now 23 years later, I still have not met John Peschong)

My issue with Mr. Peschong is his role in the 2011 Platform extermination drill. He voted for shredding the CAGOP Platform as the then chairman of the San Luis Obispo GOP.

If you check the financial reports of the California Republican Party, you will see Meridian Pacific all over them. A lot of the mail you get from the California Republican Party about Ballot Measures is done by them. The problem comes in because of the multiple entanglements. (Update: Nothing Changed in 2020 – Another $5.2 Million as of the writing of this blog)

Click here to see the 2017-2018 CAGOP expenditures. Note that the top 4 are mailers sent statewide by Meridian Pacific. The top 4 total over $3MM in gross cost. The Grand Total approaches two times that. None of this is unusual, it is the normal course of business and explains a lot of the opposition to changing the status quo. Now, add in the $5.2MM I wrote about a couple days ago, and you can see why Meridian Pacific is in the middle of Jessica Patterson’s re-election.

Note that Mr. Tom Ross is the Political Director of the New Majority – also note Andy Gimmecandy as well

As you can see, Mr. Tom Ross, who is a board member of the CAGOP is also the Political Director of the New Majority. It is a very small world. It is the opinion of this blogger that this is a conflict of interest. Were Jessica Patterson to be elected CAGOP Chair, will the money keep flowing as it does now from the CAGOP using Meridian Pacific as a vendor? What kind of benefit will the New Majority get out of the deal?

Olsen and Mayes lounging around at an exclusive CAGOP Event

Mr. Tom Ross did indeed abstain (while Mayes’ Girlfriend Kristen Olsen voted no) when the vote came to the CAGOP Board of Directors to hammer Chad Mayes for Cap and Trade. But, at the same time, Meridian Pacific (Mr. Ross’ firm) was being paid by Mr. Mayes and others to message the Cap and Trade issue in a positive way. There are just too many entanglements.

From Jessica Patterson’s Twitter Feed archives, Andy Garakhani, Mayes and Trailzblazers / New Majority Board Member Howard Hakes

You can learn a lot from Jessica Patterson’s Twitter Feed that your intrepid blogger was able to churn up despite professional attempts to hide it. Captured in time and space, they forever show her allegiance. Note that in addition to 7 county chairs that are controlled by political operatives, CRP Board Members Mario Guerra, Deborah Wilder and Sue Caro – (three of the most vocal opponents of action against Chad Mayes) have endorsed Patterson.

Then there is this tweet from Patterson’s Twitter Archives celebrating Catherine Baker’s Cap and Trade + Gun Grabbing Votes

In case you missed our first installment of gems mined from Jessica Patterson’s Twitter account, they are embedded for your review.

Understand who the players and entanglements are. Understand why it is so difficult to get the party leadership to take a stand as so many of them are financially conflicted and intertwined. Understand what will continue if Jessica Patterson is elected Chairman of the CAGOP.

Will the platform get shredded? Will Cap and Trade get promoted? Will more RINO type Republicans get funded? These are all fair questions to ask as it pertains to Jessica Patterson’s expected performance as CAGOP Chairman.  (Update: By a 42-44 vote, the Pro-life Plank survived Jessica Patterson’s platform committee, more coming soon on the spending decisions but they were no different than they had been in past years)