Dec 082020

Blogger’s Note: Mr. Brough is going to have to sell the burbon barrel and reimbuse his campaign or else he is going to have to pay for it with his own money. He might as well use it as he is not going to be a free man for long.

Bill Brough left a neat farewell post on his Assemblyman facebook page that detailed his accomplishments as an assemblyman. He is missing a few. Allow your intrepid blogger to fill some in for him. His Assemblyman Page has been pulled down. (Imagine that), but this was not before your intrepid blogger took a screenshot.

Ever the malignant narcissist with no self awareness, 50% of his legislative summary is about the OCTCA.

So let’s break down his actual accomplishments:

16 Laws Written, with at least 50 Broken.

He sat on 12 Committees – but was stripped of all of them for misconduct.

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His accomplishments include:
Sexually Harassing Lisa Bartlett
Raping a staffer of John Moorlach
Sexually battering Heather Baez
Sexually Harassing / propositioning Jenniffer Alizeri (then Rodriguez) resulting A validated claim of misconduct from the workplace conduct unit
Sexually Harssing / Touching / Propositioning Maria Elena Banks – a SoCal Realtor
Cornering an un-named democrat staffer at an event, again propositioning her.
Driving home drunk from events in orange county mmultiple times as seen by multiple people, sometimes with family in the car
Being picked up sloshed many times by the Assembly Sgt at Arms
Drinking on taxpayer time in his office
Paying personal bills with campaign funds (can you hear me now?)
Buying Groceries with Campaign Funds
Dozens of trips to local restaurants with Campaign Funds
Bar Tabs with campaign funds
Junkets with campaign funds
A Cigar Humidor and his pride and joy the “Burbon Barrel” (pictured above) paid for with campaign funds

and at least 50 trips through the OCTCA toll booth (while attacking them publicly) paid for by donors.

He led the clean up of a beach don’t you know, but his personal life is like Three Mile Island.

Tick Tock Bill Brough, my goal is to see you in prison for the things you have done. I know you will never be able to comprehend what you’ve done or who you’ve become, thus the only porper place for you is in prison where you can’t hurt anyone else.

My secondary goal is to hold everyone accountable who enabled your rampage, especially those that covered up your actions. These people know who they are, and I have a list too.

That’s quite a legacy.

When Brough is done stamping license plates in prison – your intrepid blogger suggests a new career…

Blogger’s note: I do not do anything anonymously. If you receive an email or some sort of social media post that is alleged to be me, but my name is not on it, that is a 100% guaranteed way to know I did not write it. You don’t have to like me, agree with me or take 100% of what I write as gospel but if my name is not on it, I did not write it.

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