Nov 102020

Hopefully, Wendy Lang and the others that filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer CIR PAC after 2016 are in mourning.  Despite their successful retaliation for your intrepid blogger’s attempt to unseat the 7 Term Communist from Rocklin’s School Board (the PCIR PAC took money from the Charter Schools and almost every PAC they donated to in 2016/2018 has been fined for unrelated issues by the FPPC), Maben got blown out of office.

Camille Maben is gone. No More extreme left wing indoctrination, re-writing  history, white guilt classes being taught by the staff, pushing bond measures and general overall hostility toward parents. Along with her, the extreme left-wing Brynne-Loving Michelle Sutherland (note – Brynne Kennedy who is from Massachusetts got HAMMERED despite spending $1Million in leftist rage donations against McClintock) were sent packing in little bitty pieces by the voters of Rocklin.

Perhaps Brynne will go back to the s–t infested sidewalks of San Francisco where she lived before parachuting in to Placer, or better yet Kennebunkport. I will take an asshole from Elk Grove over a Massachusetts liberal any day of the week and 2-5 times (depending on how many ballots Newsom sent me) on election day thank you very much.

However, the most gratifying defeat for the Placer County Communist Party last Tuesday is extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller.

Gary Miller has no business in office anywhere much less Roseville.

I first became acquainted with Gary Miller when he attempted to take my Mother and Scott Huber out from their posts on the Roseville Joint Union High School District. His gambit was exposed in a freedom of information act request where he was communicating with Rene Aggie-lair-uh (speaking of democrats that got their ass kicked, he lost 75-25 to Susan Goto) about the two “right wing wackos” on the RJUHSD.

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I had coffee with Miller once, the fun part of that meeting was where he told me that there were “rumors in the community that I was estranged from my Mother”. This is when I gained a full understanding of Miller’s character. Given what I have learned about Scott Alvord in the days of this campaign (more on him in a bit), it would not surprise me if he was a super-spreader of that rumor as well.

Gary Miller has lived his life as an out and proud homosexual. He has also been a lifelong left-wing activist as you can see by his declaration that he abused the Placer County Democrat Party voter file to look up the registrations of parents that dared question lockdowns and mask mandates.

The fact that I believe that Gary Miller is a jerk, a loser, incompetent, maladjusted and is unfit for office has nothing to do with his lifestyle. Similar to how I look at a crack addict or an alcoholic – Homosexuality is a sin and a morally abhorrent lifestyle. America is a Constitutional Republic and freedom can be abused. People have the freedom to abuse narcotics, drink alcoholically and engage in unnatural sex in America. I pray for Gary Miller’s salvation and repentance even as he vents his bile and displaced rage towards conservatives. I pray for Gary Miller’s salvation even as he works with groups like the ACLU to exterminate the Church from the societal lexicon.

I also work with a lot of homosexual people in day to day life that know where I stand, even as I respect and love them just as they are. Gary Miller is incapable of allowing any disagreement with his lifestyle.

Speaking of morally abhorrent people, LaMills Garrett was crushed by Tracy Mendonsa for Roseville City Council. LaMills Garrett has deep-seeded emotional and behavioral issues and barring a complete spiritual awakening should be handled with extreme caution by anyone he comes in contact with.

Gary Miller’s fellow left wing homosexual activist Neil Pople lost his third bid for Roseville City Council – despite getting a ton of money from Bay-Area Communists and contacts from his activism and service to communists in Sacramento Government.

In Roseville Scott Alvord hammered Gary Johnson. However, Alvord is now completely isolated. Greg Carnage got crushed in his bid for Roseville Joint Union High School District. Carnage got his ass kicked so bad that the 3rd place finisher, Heidi Hall may well have double the votes of him… in a VOTE FOR 3 with 6 people running for 3 seats!!!

There are no democrats left in local office in anything Roseville based (Unless you count Pauline Rinocci as a democrat (she is a Registered Rep)). It has been my opinion from Jump Street that Alvord is looking at running for higher office. Any potential opponents now have an opposition research file to use (we will post the FPPC Fines in a couple years when the case is resolved) against Alvord and Alvord does not have any friends to call on for endorsements.

It looks like Kim Douglas in Colfax is going to lose. He loved him some 33% Pioneer Energy Rate Increases.

Alice Dowdin finished first in Auburn (ALICE – I TOLD YOU SO WHEN YOU CALLED ME YOU WORRY WART! LOL)

Despite the best efforts of the Loomis NIMBY’s – retired Army Sniper James “Danny” Cartwright is blowing out leftist university professor David Ring. No matter how much some of the Loomis Dems tried to dress Ring up, they could not.

I will have more to say about the national election later as it is a complete disaster right now and it appears every conspiracy about election fraud is playing out right in front of our eyes.

For now – Good Riddance Camille Maben and crew. You may have gotten the PCIR PAC an $8K fine over technicalities ($500 a mailer times 16) but we got the victory that matters. Maben cooked Well Done.

Good riddance Gary Miller – go fight homophobia in the padded cell you should inhabit.

Good riddance LaMills Garrett – go back to blaming white people for all your problems so you can keep avoiding the truth in your own life.

Congratulations parents in Roseville and Rocklin, you may finally get relief from the all out assault on the minds of your children and the psychotic grip of the teacher’s unions that are fighting through any means necessary to keep from having to do their jobs under the guise of COVID-19.

P.S. The Placer GOP is the real hero here. I’ve been fighting these people in local office with some success for years having helped a dozen Republicans win and unseating 6 dems along the way. Once the Placer GOP was able to get rid of the RINO’s, unify and raise a few bucks – the results are now self-evident. More on the success of the Placer GOP later. But, for now: WELL DONE!

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  5 Responses to “The Election Update I Have Been Waiting to Write: Democrats Get SLAUGHTERED in Placer County. Alvord Isolated, Gary Miller and Camille Maben Ousted”

  1. Aaron, thanks for the great summary and commentary on the Placer election results. I’m relying on your blog more and more for information on local politics. Appreciate the kudos for the Placer GOP. We work hard to keep Placer red. Walked for Gary and Heidi. Alvord had him beat on name recognition. He probably had more workers too.

  2. Thanks Aaron. I met Alvord at a “Coffee with a Council-member” thing a while back. I’ll never forget him trying to convince me that 75% of the homeless in Roseville were just decent guys who were down on their luck and victims of the high cost of housing. Yeah, okay.

    Tells you all you need to know about where this guy is coming from. Let’s get this guy out next time.


  4. This is great news! Homosexuality and homosexual activism has NO PLACE in our schools. NONE!

    MassResistance is committed to fighting the promotion of this perversion in all schools and throughout the public square.

    If anyone wants help, please contact me:
    Cell: (781) 474-3005

  5. I am a Trump supporter in Dallas, Texas. Today I learned that the election administrator for Fort Worth (Tarrant County) is one Heider Garcia, who previously oversaw elections in Placer County. Until 2016 he was an executive with Smartmatic, a company that specializes in electronic voting systems. In 2010 Heider Garcia was called on the carpet for voting anomalies in the Philippines (anomalies having to do with the Smartmatic systems stamping ballots with incorrect time and date ). It is quite strange that Tarrant County, which this time rejected Wendy Davis, a rising star in the Democratic Party and candidate for governor a few years ago, went Biden over Trump. Anyway, I would be interested if you could direct me to any suspicious stories about Heider Garcia from his time in Placer county. So far, I have not been able to find anything along this line on the Internet.

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