Nov 222020

WooooooWeeeee! San Clemente. Home of Gene James (When he isn’t in Irvine dining with women he is not married to), Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm.

The trifecta are really worked up over Laura Ferguson’s quest for transparency. Perhaps a simple look at who their attorney is for the lynching of Laura Ferguson is a nice window in to the corruption of San Clemente. Quoting the SC Times about the impending lynching:

The city is estimated to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on special counsel engagement services with attorney Cristina Talley, who will oversee the conflict during Monday’s proceedings, when Ferguson will have due process in order to plead her case.


Wait, what? BBK (aka DDT) is the Law Firm that San Clemente contracts with for a City Attorney! Oh wait, Talley just left DDT law firm. Maybe.

Talley has quite a history. She sued Anaheim and won a discrimination settlement. She was also a proponent of by district elections long before they were a thing in California.

She was forced to resign as Anaheim City attorney in 2012 after giving lousy advice and some sort of Brown-Act Drama.


What could possibly go wrong tomorrow night when this Lawyer with a checkered history, recently (or still with, who knows) of the same DDT Law Firm that is the City Attorney leads the lynching of Laura Ferguson?

Conflict of interest much? Yeah, keep the lynching in the family and don’t anyone dare disclose where all the money went, ever.

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  One Response to “San Clemente Update: Conflict of Interest Much? City Hires Former Partner of Current City Attorney Firm to Prosecute Censure of Laura Ferguson!”

  1. BB&K? Hummmmm
    Does anyone remember the City of Bell scandal? Same Law Firm. I have been a long term advocate for taxpayers and students living within the Capistrano Unified School District. There is a substantial conflict of interest in having BB&K as the City Attorney for San Clemente knowing that the firm also represents the Capistrano Unified School District and several other Cities which all have different interests in the Toll Road. I have documentation that the subdivision map act has been violated south of Oso Parkway and that there are clouds on title on land that Tesoro High schools sits on. I also have documentation that there are no valid NEPA or CEQA permits for the construction south of Oso. But nothing to see here. San Clemente residents should be livid at having to put up with this. BB&K could have stoped construction of the toll road at the Oso Bridge but chose not to. They should be fired years ago.

    I stand by Mayor Ferguson. What’s that smell?

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