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If you are new to Right on Daily, you missed our expose on the monster William “Bill” Brough. In just a few days, Brough will finally be out of public office. The lasting damage of Bill Brough to Orange County will play out for years. One such tentacle of the Bill Brough investigation revealed dirty deals in San Clemente and his sudden sell out on development in exchange for campaign cash from the nearly psychotic toll road haters in San Clemente.

In the course of our expose’ we revealed that the City of San Clemente may very well have been violating state law repeatedly. One such violation is when an internal city poll done by the questionable Adam Problosky found its’ way onto a facebook page opposing the toll road in Southern Orange County. Another such violation was the payoffs to Harvey Englander to run a quasi- legal racketeering operation where he was paid by the City of San Clemente to harass, threaten, intimidate and abuse existing legal processes to smear people that were doing their work on the project.

Your intrepid blogger had been told regarding the City of San Clemente: “Englander got paid a lot of money, somewhere around $2 Million” – yet until the City set fire to themselves in a council meeting agenda, there were no public records of the expenditures. “But Harvey Englander appears to have been getting $32,500 a month to file lawsuits, public records requests, oragnize opposition, run facebook pages and other sundry smear campaigns. Don’t take my word for it – the City of San Clemente just admitted as such in their reports. We have only been able to confirm $97,000 to EKA up to this point, now the City of San Clemente in City Meeting Minutes states that EKA was being paid $32,500 a month.”

Hiding polls. Hiding payments to consultants – especially a slime-bag like Harvey Englander (that is what I think of him and read my posts about what he did on behalf of San Clemente and you will agree) seems to be the standard daily operation of City Government in San Clemente.

Another offshoot of the investigation in to William “Bill” Brough was our expose’ on Gene James. We learned that he has had a lifetime pattern of abusing women, abusing the homeless in San Clemente, 11 Liens, 4 Judgements and a Foreclosure. James’ record of legal issues dates back to 1992 according to what we know and may well extend prior. In addition there is/was an investigation in to blatant “stolen valor” campaigning either by James or people supporting him. What made me the angriest was hearing from the women he abused and seeing what he was doing to the homeless people in San Clemente.

Two of the biggest pieces of garbage in Orange County Political History flank a complete failure of a State Senator whose ego is so out of control she refused to acknowledge the evidence against either of these monsters.

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Click here for court documents, dates and case numbers detailing Gene James 11 Liens, 4 Judgements, Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. <<< and the OCGOP endorsed this guy!

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

So why am I not surprised that San Clemente has paid Adam Problosky again to run a poll regarding a proposed tax increase measure? SC Councilmember Laura Ferguson published the poll. Apparently this enraged the psychotic Kathy Ward and Gene James. Apparently, polls run by the city of San Clemente are supposed to be a secret. As seen in the local SC paper:

The survey, for which the city paid $25,000 to Probolsky Research to conduct this past March, polled 300 of San Clemente’s likely voters, measuring their support on five key policy areas—the city’s Clean Ocean Program, homelessness, marijuana cultivation, transient occupancy taxes and policing.

San Clemente Times was provided a copy of the survey by acting Mayor Laura Ferguson.

Over the coming weeks, SC Times plans to publish a series of articles detailing the results of the survey, with each report focusing on one of the five key policy areas that the survey covered.

Whoops. How dare Laura Ferguson do this!

Well now, Gene James gets to bully another woman, aided and abetted by the moonbat Kathy Ward and their sycophant Chris hamm. they are going to lynch Laura Ferguson at a special council meeting on 11-23-2020!

Ward later referenced Ferguson’s persistent use of her political Facebook page, where she “shares emails from staff,” “disparages city council decisions” and has “consistently eroded the vote of the public’s trust in city governance.”

The move to censure Ferguson comes after she shared with San Clemente Times the findings and results of a city-initiated survey that city management wanted to keep under wraps, citing it as confidential. While not explicitly stated, that action was also perceived to be included in Ward’s accusations.

“You have shared confidential information or documents after briefings where you have been advised the information is confidential, and you have unilaterally shared it, thereby waiving privilege for the council when you have no authority to do so,” Ward said Tuesday night.

“These allegations are numerous, but I believe they will be supported by evidence of actions you have taken in the past two years while on council,” Ward later concluded.

The city is estimated to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on special counsel engagement services with attorney Cristina Talley, who will oversee the conflict during Monday’s proceedings, when Ferguson will have due process in order to plead her case.

Let me translate the psychotic rampage of Kathy Ward: We are smarter than the public and you need to stop telling them how we are wasting their money under the cover of darkness!

And, it gets better, Ferguson will not be allowed to have her attorney defend her at the public lynching scheduled for Monday 11-23. Why am I not surprised that the same city paying Harvey Englander an absurd amount of money to destroy people would string Laura Ferguson out to dry? I mean, they have Gene James on their City Council too.

“I guess I just find this to be very serious if the council wants to do this to me, and it just appears that this is just politically motivated,” she said. “I’m being targeted just because I am so transparent and, again, have not broken any laws, at least to my knowledge.”

When Ferguson asked whether she would be allowed to have her own legal counsel represent her during the meeting, City Attorney Scott Smith explained that while it would be appropriate, her lawyer could only participate as a member of the public would be able to, noting that it’s a council meeting, not a court proceeding.

It looks like the cockroaches of San Clemente are freaking out because Ferguson is exposing their corruption. Similar to how the FBI tried to impeach President Trump to cover up their election meddling, it appears the crazed Ward and the Abusive monster Gene James are following the same pattern in San Clemente. Lovely.

P.S. Gene James – I know you read right on daily, resign now and pray like hell the OCDA does not prosecute you for the things you have done in your life.

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