Nov 222020

This is people’s exhibit 101 for why the GOP has a problem with Women.

Our official Fred Whitaker Meme.

It is has come back to your intrepid blogger that Fred Whitaker – the Chair of the OCGOP has doubled down on John Moorlach and is pushing him even harder in the wake of Right on Daily breaking the story about a staffer of John Moorlach getting raped by Bill Brough.

Remember, it took Right on Daily hammering Bill Brough for six months to get movement out of Fred Whitaker.

The design defect with Conservatives in general is that they are logically based, cynical and skeptical as a breed. Whitaker has been heard telling people this issue with Moorlach is a political attack, despite watching the Bill Brough horror be validated right before his eyes. You’d think Mr. Whitaker would take pause.

Mr. Whitaker, what about the Rape Victim?

It is also the opinion of this blogger that Fred Whitaker has taken the criticism on Right on Daily uber-personal and it is this animus that is driving him to double-down on John Moorlach. Rather than advising people vet the situation with the rape victim, Whitaker is taking the expedient route and absolving John Moorlach of responsibility in the cover up of the felony.

In addition, there are validated complaints of misconduct between Moorlach and female staff beyond the staffer that got raped by Bill Brough! What part of this is Whitaker missing? Or, is he that upset with Right on Daily that he has to impose his will on the political process?

Meantime, there are voters out there – suburban Women Voters that will look at this behavior and will puke out Republicans at the ballot box in 2022. (and in 2021.) Imagine what the OC Police Union will do with this? I am going to make sure this rape victim gets justice one way or the other, I’d sincerely like to see that the Orange County Republican Party is NOT collateral damage.

People need to contact the leadership of the OCGOP and tell them to remove themselves from the situation and think through the political consequences of ignoring the rape victim, the situation and pushing an ill-advised early endorsement of John Moorlach.

John Moorlach needs to retire and take his ghastly pension and get a cabin on noogie-land ranch somewhere.

Nov 212020

Dear OCGOP, I’m back. The unfortunate fact is that the rampage of William “Bill” Brough is going to have lasting effects for years to come. BTW – Brough still has a CCW Permit despite everything that has come out about him. While you guys are asking the tough questions of Moorlach, I’d like to request that some of you call the Sheriff and ask him to reconsider Brough’s CCW. Brough’s rampage against women has a disgusting and brutal nexus within the office of former Senator John Moorlach. (Read on)

When your intrepid blogger took up the case of William “Bill” Brough, it was the day after OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett broke a multi-year silence over an incident that occurred while both were on a local City Council.

It took six months to turn the tide of the OCGOP against William “Bill” Brough as the expose Right on Daily did uncovered devastating facts. We had several victims, including two well known political operatives in Orange County come forward with their stories (some after being outed by Bill Brough himself). This time we do not have six months to drag the Orange County GOP in to action – so please take heed now.

What many of you may have missed is that even more victims have come forward. Specifically, I have written about two sexual assaults perpetrated by Brough against two victims known to me who requested anonymity. I have been reticent to write about a lot of the people who came forward with stories, but I have become convinced that William “Bill” Brough is a monster with a life pattern of hurting women. The pattern of drunkenness, harassment and physical violence by Mr. Brough is well-known in Sacramento as well.

It seems that Sacramento is infested with a special breed. Just recently, Assemblyman Devon Mathis had a second Chief of Staff fired for sexual misconduct by the Assembly Rules Committee. We’ve seen a dozen democrat staffers get lit up just this year by the “Workplace conduct unit” that was established in the #METOO wake. Senator Moorlach got his own turn with said committee as he appears to have acted inappropriately with several females.

But there is more related to former Senator John Moorlach and his long time Consultant and one time Chief of Staff Tim Clark. I have been open and brutal in my criticism of both of them. Part of the brutality is driven by what I know and have not disclosed related to this story. I held many facts in confidence for months while working with the victim to get her assistance and justice. She has recently allowed me to go in to graphic detail about the incident that changed her life forever. (But has still requested I don’t use her name in the blog because she fears for her safety and specifically references Bill Brough and his CCW permit)

We are going to refer to her as “Sue”.

“Sue” was a staffer for Senator John Moorlach in 2015. On or about July 7, 2015 “Sue” had a meeting with Assemblyman Bill Brough at the Elephant Bar on Arden Way in Sacramento. There were legislative issues that crossed boundaries within Orange County that necessitated the meeting. “Sue” and Brough met and she indicated that Brough had been drinking before they met and he had a few more with his dinner. “Sue” and other staffers have indicated multiple times that Brough was well known for being a drunk and a pig to women in the building.

The Pig was about to graduate. Brough followed “Sue” to her car after dinner and proceeded to assault her in the parking lot. He then forced her in to the back of her car and without getting in to the extremely graphic details, Brough raped “Sue”. As is common for rape victims, “Sue” still fears Brough to this day.

Let’s be clear, I know the victim and I believe her. The details are so specific and her recollection of details has it beyond question this event is very real to her.

On or about July 9 or 10 2015, (the 7th was a Tue) “on Thursday or Friday, Tim Clark called me in to his office”, she said. She proceeded to tell your intrepid blogger that Clark noticed that her demeanor had completely changed. According to “Sue” due to the culture that existed at the time in Sacramento, she did not disclose to Clark what had happened when he called her in to his office.

It was later at the CAGOP Convention in September of 2015 (an internet search indicates 9-18-2015 thru 9-20-2015 were the dates) that “Sue” finally broke down and told Tim Clark what happened. The immediate reaction of John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff was to instruct her to tell no one and not to file a complaint with the assembly rules committee. He also discouraged her from going to law enforcement as well.

(Note: Clark was Moorlach’s campaign consultant until Sept 2020 when GOP Senate leadership forced a change due to his incompetence. Moorlach has since re-hired him to run his OC Supervisor campaign)

“Sue” was specific with me, she did not tell Clark that Bill Brough was the perpetrator, Clark himself identified Brough. This is how bad Brough’s reputation was. Moorlach’s office knew. Yet, still they covered up a rape by Bill Brough. John Moorlach is not going to be able to avoid answering for this as the victim has finally had the courage to come forward to the authorities. At some point Moorlach will have to tell what he knew and when he knew it, under oath.

“Sue” was able to hold on until the end of the 2016 session before resigning because she could not endure the situation working in a small office with people that knew what happened to her. John Moorlach never attempted to help, protect or defend his staff member that got raped by Bill Brough.  After three years of working for him, John Moorlach didn’t even bother to reach out to ask why she was leaving.

“Sue” is finally in a career separated from the Sacramento Cesspool and as such, finally felt comfortable coming forward. I can not relate to the fear or the complete dehumanizing violation – but I am told that the fear, reluctance to come forward, time delays and the like are very common with rapes. She has indeed spoken to investigators in the California Legislature and has discussed the involvement of Moorlach’s office several times in 2020.  This formal complaint is still open and I can guarantee that Moorlach’s office involvement in the coverup will be made public.  The Democrats will not hesitate to use it once again to slaughter Moorlach before the election.

Moorlach has no business running for yet another position, while there is an open investigation of his office for covering up the rape of one of his staffers.

John Moorlach lost his election due in no small part to losing several suburban woman votes. The OC Sheriffs absolutely nuked him with the validated claims about his behavior. They are going to decimate the OCGOP (and rightly so) if the Orange County Republican Party doesn’t distance itself from John Moorlach. He is not who you think he is, the magic is gone.

If you are reading this and you are thinking of supporting John Moorlach, think through the optics of a Candidate whose State Senate Office was a party to the cover-up of the rape of one of his staffers. If you think Republicans had problems in Orange County with female voters, inject that issue with steroids given this issue with John Moorlach. It makes the noogie caper pale in comparison, but establishes a pattern between Moorlach and women that is terrible.

If by some miracle, the money spent against Moorlach doesn’t permanently damage his career and he manages to squeeze through in a special election, this cover up will be twice as bad for the entire ticket in two years.  Anyone that has endorsed or will endorse Moorlach will be forever tied to the cover up. Endorsing Moorlach when you know there is an open investigation, makes you complicit.

As you all know, everything I wrote about Bill Brough has stood up to scrutiny. This post about John Moorlach will as well. I invite any political leaders (aka party leadership / local electeds who are truly interested in following up on this) in Orange County to contact me at and I will connect you with the victim. Several of you have my cell phone, the number has not changed in 23 years.

It is time for John Moorlach to retire and enjoy his bloated public pension at taxpayer expense.

Nov 212020

If you are new to Right on Daily, you missed our expose on the monster William “Bill” Brough. In just a few days, Brough will finally be out of public office. The lasting damage of Bill Brough to Orange County will play out for years. One such tentacle of the Bill Brough investigation revealed dirty deals in San Clemente and his sudden sell out on development in exchange for campaign cash from the nearly psychotic toll road haters in San Clemente.

In the course of our expose’ we revealed that the City of San Clemente may very well have been violating state law repeatedly. One such violation is when an internal city poll done by the questionable Adam Problosky found its’ way onto a facebook page opposing the toll road in Southern Orange County. Another such violation was the payoffs to Harvey Englander to run a quasi- legal racketeering operation where he was paid by the City of San Clemente to harass, threaten, intimidate and abuse existing legal processes to smear people that were doing their work on the project.

Your intrepid blogger had been told regarding the City of San Clemente: “Englander got paid a lot of money, somewhere around $2 Million” – yet until the City set fire to themselves in a council meeting agenda, there were no public records of the expenditures. “But Harvey Englander appears to have been getting $32,500 a month to file lawsuits, public records requests, oragnize opposition, run facebook pages and other sundry smear campaigns. Don’t take my word for it – the City of San Clemente just admitted as such in their reports. We have only been able to confirm $97,000 to EKA up to this point, now the City of San Clemente in City Meeting Minutes states that EKA was being paid $32,500 a month.”

Hiding polls. Hiding payments to consultants – especially a slime-bag like Harvey Englander (that is what I think of him and read my posts about what he did on behalf of San Clemente and you will agree) seems to be the standard daily operation of City Government in San Clemente.

Another offshoot of the investigation in to William “Bill” Brough was our expose’ on Gene James. We learned that he has had a lifetime pattern of abusing women, abusing the homeless in San Clemente, 11 Liens, 4 Judgements and a Foreclosure. James’ record of legal issues dates back to 1992 according to what we know and may well extend prior. In addition there is/was an investigation in to blatant “stolen valor” campaigning either by James or people supporting him. What made me the angriest was hearing from the women he abused and seeing what he was doing to the homeless people in San Clemente.

Two of the biggest pieces of garbage in Orange County Political History flank a complete failure of a State Senator whose ego is so out of control she refused to acknowledge the evidence against either of these monsters.

Click here for court documents, dates and case numbers detailing Gene James 11 Liens, 4 Judgements, Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. <<< and the OCGOP endorsed this guy!

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

So why am I not surprised that San Clemente has paid Adam Problosky again to run a poll regarding a proposed tax increase measure? SC Councilmember Laura Ferguson published the poll. Apparently this enraged the psychotic Kathy Ward and Gene James. Apparently, polls run by the city of San Clemente are supposed to be a secret. As seen in the local SC paper:

The survey, for which the city paid $25,000 to Probolsky Research to conduct this past March, polled 300 of San Clemente’s likely voters, measuring their support on five key policy areas—the city’s Clean Ocean Program, homelessness, marijuana cultivation, transient occupancy taxes and policing.

San Clemente Times was provided a copy of the survey by acting Mayor Laura Ferguson.

Over the coming weeks, SC Times plans to publish a series of articles detailing the results of the survey, with each report focusing on one of the five key policy areas that the survey covered.

Whoops. How dare Laura Ferguson do this!

Well now, Gene James gets to bully another woman, aided and abetted by the moonbat Kathy Ward and their sycophant Chris hamm. they are going to lynch Laura Ferguson at a special council meeting on 11-23-2020!

Ward later referenced Ferguson’s persistent use of her political Facebook page, where she “shares emails from staff,” “disparages city council decisions” and has “consistently eroded the vote of the public’s trust in city governance.”

The move to censure Ferguson comes after she shared with San Clemente Times the findings and results of a city-initiated survey that city management wanted to keep under wraps, citing it as confidential. While not explicitly stated, that action was also perceived to be included in Ward’s accusations.

“You have shared confidential information or documents after briefings where you have been advised the information is confidential, and you have unilaterally shared it, thereby waiving privilege for the council when you have no authority to do so,” Ward said Tuesday night.

“These allegations are numerous, but I believe they will be supported by evidence of actions you have taken in the past two years while on council,” Ward later concluded.

The city is estimated to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on special counsel engagement services with attorney Cristina Talley, who will oversee the conflict during Monday’s proceedings, when Ferguson will have due process in order to plead her case.

Let me translate the psychotic rampage of Kathy Ward: We are smarter than the public and you need to stop telling them how we are wasting their money under the cover of darkness!

And, it gets better, Ferguson will not be allowed to have her attorney defend her at the public lynching scheduled for Monday 11-23. Why am I not surprised that the same city paying Harvey Englander an absurd amount of money to destroy people would string Laura Ferguson out to dry? I mean, they have Gene James on their City Council too.

“I guess I just find this to be very serious if the council wants to do this to me, and it just appears that this is just politically motivated,” she said. “I’m being targeted just because I am so transparent and, again, have not broken any laws, at least to my knowledge.”

When Ferguson asked whether she would be allowed to have her own legal counsel represent her during the meeting, City Attorney Scott Smith explained that while it would be appropriate, her lawyer could only participate as a member of the public would be able to, noting that it’s a council meeting, not a court proceeding.

It looks like the cockroaches of San Clemente are freaking out because Ferguson is exposing their corruption. Similar to how the FBI tried to impeach President Trump to cover up their election meddling, it appears the crazed Ward and the Abusive monster Gene James are following the same pattern in San Clemente. Lovely.

P.S. Gene James – I know you read right on daily, resign now and pray like hell the OCDA does not prosecute you for the things you have done in your life.

Nov 182020

A couple weeks ago, I unloaded on Jessica Patterson. As I type this follow-up blog I am painfully aware that political insiders that include David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy are hard at work trying to control the outcome of the 2021 CAGOP Convention.

If you are a political type, you’ve probably heard ad-nauseum about the Chairwoman taking credit for the gains in congress. We know that Young Kim and Michelle Steel re-took two seats in congress that were lost in 2018. It looks like David Valadao, who was ignored in CAGOP communications until September, is on track to hold a 2,500 vote lead to re-capture CA-21.

I’d lay odds that her emails crowing about the accomplishments were missing a few facts: If you look at the results of CA-45 Greg Raths and CA-49 Bryan Maryott, you’d realize that both men lost their races by a small enough margin that had they received help, they could have also re-taken those districts. Were Raths and Maryott victims of the biased candidate recruiting we’ve written about?

Maybe someone should ask Kevin McCarthy about his decision to ignore two winnable Congressional races and the execution without a hearing of yet another viable candidate Ted Howze in CA-10. I often think it is because Howze, Raths and Maryott are all white males – but then there is Tamika Hamilton who (despite being completely ignored) got within 9% of John Garamendi in a D+11 district –  and despite Garamendi outspending her 7-1. Someone had to know that Hamilton was viable! (Note that the consultant Scott Winn, who orchestrated the execution of Ted Howze has been paid for years to influence the outcomes of CAGOP elections along with the others named in this blog. He is also close to Kevin McCarthy)

That is 4 winnable seats in Congress that these people ignored! It appears that the dem majority in Congress is going to be cut to just 4 seats. That is a colossal failure! That margin was left behind in California on the watch of Jessica Patterson.

Don’t forget that McCarthy and Patterson screwed Congressman Mike Garcia (CA-25) in the primary, defying the Ventura and LA GOP refusing to even hold a hearing to endorse Mike Garcia at the state level. With Garcia clinging to a 400ish vote lead (with 300,000+ in), how huge would it have been for Garcia (think of the money he spent in the primary) had those two not flaunted the CAGOP’s own by-laws and denied the pre-primary support he had earned?

What about Diane Dixon in AD-74? She is losing by less than 3,000 votes. She was abandoned by Jessica Patterson and crew. I am pretty sure you won’t see that discussed when she declares for re-coronation. Perhaps people need to ask the above coven of consultants whose brilliant decision it was to not even give Dixon $100K? Stephen Choi, Phillip Chen and Janet Nguyen all won handily – why did Dixon get abandoned?

Then there is the fluke in AD-38. 5 Democrats ran. Suzette Martinez and Lucie Volotzky ran on the R side. It was the perfect storm and had nothing to do with the brilliance of her majesty or the consultants. We ended up with a Suzette vs Volotzky runoff that got more attention from the CAGOP than the winnable AD-74 race did!!!

When AD-74 needed a decision, they failed. Diane Dixon should be an assembly-member.

Don’t forget that two of Jessica Patterson’s all star recruits from her days running California Trailblazers (Trailfailures), AD-42 Chad Mayes and AD-77 Brian Maienschein bolted the GOP.

Ask Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach how they feel about the decisions and leadership of the CAGOP? I am sure you won’t see anything about their defeat in fundraising and campaign emails.

What if I told you that 8 of the 58 counties have no elected members to their county party? Eight!!! Alpine and Sierra you can expect because both are less than 1,000 people. However Mono (think Mammoth mountain) and Plumas (think Lassen National Park) are not insignificant counties. Then there are Colusa and Tehama, both literally on I-5 north of Sacramento! Have you heard of the Calaveras Jumping Frogs of Mark Twain fame? No one filed there. Then there is Tuolumne county as well, a major tourist area on the way to Yosemite.

This means, you can visit three small cities of around 15,000 people: Red Bluff, Sonora and Angel’s Camp and there is no Republican Party Committee there. All are R-leaning counties!!! They have collapsed on Jessica Patterson’s watch. Perhaps this is the way Jessica and Kevin want it?

The tale of the tape does not stop with 8 collapsed County Parties. 8 of 58 is 13.7%

17 out of 80 Assembly District races went on without a Rep on the November Ballot. (12 no file and 5 more failed to qualify for runoff) – 21.25% of Districts.
While only 1 of 53 Congressional had no filer, 6 others featured a Rep failing to qualify. (7 of 53) 13.2%
When you look at the State Senate (Combining 2018 and 2020) – 8 of 40 districts featured no Republican filing. An additional 4 districts featured the Republican failing to qualify. That is a staggering 30%. Do you wonder why we are down to 9 Republicans in the State Senate?
While we should be happy that some Congressional Seats broke free from communism in 2020 – an honest evaluation of the real numbers under Jessica Patterson’s tenure show a wholesale collapse of the CAGOP to organize and be a viable force in California Politics. 30% of State Senate Seats, no Republican. 13% of County Parties, collapsed. 21.25% of Assembly Districts, no Republican. 2 Members bolt the Assembly, 2 Senators defeated and Patterson could not even endorse the single biggest success the party had during her tenure, Congressman Mike Garcia!
We deserve better. Most partisan Republican officeholders are going to reflexively endorse Jessica. They also need to stand up and defend this indefensible record (other than ignoring it) and explain why they are supporting it. It is time for the oligarchy of controlled failure to be dislodged from the CAGOP.
P.S. Remember the 600,000 registrations the CAGOP bragged about? The dems registered 1,800,000 in the same time period. Whoops.
Nov 172020

A tale of two logos…

First off, I want to say that Mark Wright has become the most effective Chairman that the Placer GOP has had since the 2000-2002 version of Ken Campbell.

I knew when Mark took over the reins of the Placer GOP, he would succeed.

The first key to the success of the Placer GOP is that it is ideologically homogenous. Some outside of the Placer GOP deride this, but the harmony is a critical aspect. I have met few squishes who play will with Conservatives at the party level. Secondly, the “Wing-Nut” Republicans were either quietly moved along or were brought along to participate in a healthy manner.

In the brief time I was Brian Dahle’s Ex-Officio to Placer, I got to see firsthand a healthy, functional committee. Even when Ken Campbell was in his pre-meltdown heyday, the Placer GOP was rocked by infighting. (If you remember, Cheryl Maki, Mike Holmes and others were on the committee then and there was a narrow split between the squishes and the conservatives) If you look at 2002’s election results you’d wonder what happened. Congressman John Doolittle led an effort to defend Campbell and the Conservatives from a takeover attempt financed by some Bay-Area transplant tech millionaires.

In the 20 years I was associated with the Placer GOP, there have been multiple internal wars.

Ken Campbell gave way to Tom Hudson and the three hour meetings he was famous for. Later, Jeff Atteberry became Chair. Atteberry is the man who registered me Republican and got me in to the California Republican Assembly.

Around 2010 with Congressman McClintock not caring about local politics (the polar opposite of Doolittle) – David Stafford Reade and crew (including the psychotic Karen England) complete with several Tea Partiers recruited under false pretenses attacked the committee in 2010 and again in 2012. They Succeeded in taking it over in 2012, ousting Jeff Atteberry.

Dennis Revell became the Chair under this regime and he was never going to be able to be effective given the way he was vaulted in to the Chairmanship. I would later become friends with Dennis Revell and witnessed him become a man of faith and marry his long time girlfriend. It was clear to me that Dennis was not who either side thought he was and I am glad he is clear of the field of fire now. Dennis Revell is a good man who was set up to fail by David Stafford Reade and crew that just wanted an ineffective committee they did not have to worry about.

Eventually, there was yet another revolt that resulted in Mark Wright being elected Chairman. I knew who Mark Wright was and is as a man. I also knew despite him having Tom Hudson as Parliamentarian that he is his own man. I routinely defended Mark to people in local government. I believed that Mark would be an honest operator, I also believed that he’d be able to keep a disparate group of political nerds focused. I had talked to Mark a couple times about fundraising and local politics.

However, the kind of success I saw the Placer GOP achieve in 2020 was beyond anything I saw possible. Mark Wright acted on the good advice of several people and the results speak for themselves. Mark Wright deserves Re-Election to Chair of the Placer GOP.

If someone tries to run against Mark Wright, they can expect to be featured on the Right on Daily Blog. Mark is like family, he was at my father’s 80th Birthday Party amongst other things. I have a strong sense of loyalty and I am proud of what he helped facilitate as the Chairman of the Placer GOP.

Working by myself running the Placer CIR PAC circa 2014, 2016, 2018 and in 2020 the PGG PAC, I had taken runs at several local democrats. However, because I was basically working alone, I was getting attacked repeatedly with FPPC Complaints, legal threats and the like. In 2020, I had reinforcements. Despite this, The PCIR Pac had claimed several scalps. With an active and engaged Placer GOP, we cleared out several local government bodies of democrats in one cycle – as many as the PCIR PAC was able to get in 3 elections combined. Teamwork.

Mark Wright had several people around him that were all working for a common cause except for Suzanne Jones and Tom Hudson. Hudson consistently opposed the party spending money on anything. The committee should remove Hudson from anything resembling responsibility as he has been a roadblock to effectiveness for the 20+ years I have known him. I won’t go in to further detail about his personal issues or lack of character.

Suzanne Jones is too busy pandering to the mask-nazis and the nearly psychotic Granite Bay NIMBY’s to care much about the good operation of the Placer GOP. In fact, her friends have filed 10 FPPC Complaints against Kirk Uhler (6 and counting have been dismissed) and I have gotten legal demand letters from them. The sooner the Placer GOP sends the self-serving RINO Suzanne Jones packing the better. I can convict Tom Hudson of being a Republican, but Jones ran as a liberal democrat to beat Kirk Uhler and with her love of Masks, Lockdowns and enviro lawsuits intends to govern like one. Don’t worry folks, Crazy Susie will be running for Congress, Assembly or something again soon. She has run for 8 different offices since I have known her. Of further note, she did not endorse anyone, abstaining on all votes on the committee to endorse.

Other than Jones and Hudson – the next worst problem is Crazy Ed Rowen rambling every meeting about something. I was never sure what in the few meetings I attended.

That’s it. Out of 42 Total Members that is the extent of the problem children.

So, what happened in 2020?

For the first time in many years, the Placer GOP was able to send multiple pieces of mail. They sent mail in Roseville on behalf of Tracy Mendonsa and Gary Johnson. They sent mail in Roseville for school district races. They sent Mail in Rocklin for School District Races. They bought Gary Johnson Signs. They emailed. They called people. They walked precincts.

Literally, the last time I saw that level of activity was in 2004 (at the end of Ken Campbell’s tenure).

In 2020 – I had several goals running the PGG PAC committee:

  1. Was Loomis Town Council. I had enough money that I did not need help from the Placer GOP (they gave me intel that was helpful) It worked, Republican Danny Cartwright hammered university professor David Ring who penned a whiny op-ed post defeat in a local rag. This is the only win I can take sole credit for.
  2. Roseville City Council. Liberal Democrat Scott Alvord is now out of the closet parroting extreme leftists rhetoric regarding COVID now that he is re-elected. Perhaps he and Suzanne Jones should form a lockdown advocacy group together. While Scott won re-election, he got hammered and the Placer GOP kept his opponent in the race. LaMills Garrett on the other hand got bombed by 20%, losing to Tracy Mendonsa. As a bonus, Republican Bruce Houdesheldt navigated an extremely tough re-election with a fully funded communist and a third opponent running to his right. The Placer GOP played a major role in Bruce excelling and Tracy’s lopsided win.
  3. Gary Miller. Ever since he attempted to recruit an opponent to my Mother (former RJUHSD Board Member Linda Park) – I have wanted to run him over with a political dump truck. In 2016, we blew his co-conspirator Rene Aggie-lair-uh out of office. (Rene ran again and lost in 2018, then ran again and got shellacked 72-28 in 2020) Now, Gary Miller gets to join him in the former Placer County Democrat Candidate dump. When you mess with my family, you die. (in this case it is a political metaphor) Thanks to an active Placer GOP, they helped me get justice against Gary Miller for my Mother.
  4. Camille Maben. I have tried 3 times to take her out. Thanks to the help of the Placer GOP in 2020, we got her on my third try. She survived 7 terms. It makes the BS $8,000 FPPC fine for issues unrelated to her run in 2016 worth it.
  5. Rocklin School District in General. Thanks to the Placer GOP, we ran the table on the Teacher’s Union. The Union, like the communist agitators they are have filed a bunch of lawsuits because they are butthurt over the drubbing they took at the ballot box. They don’t want to have to work for the taxpayer money they have been living off of. Now the Union has just one ass-monkey on the School Board, Rick Miller. Miller might be well served to retire. However, if he does not, Right On Daily will make sure he receives the care, therapy and love that he needs. Because we care.
  6. Roseville City Schools. I wanted Julie Constant re-elected and Gary Miller gone. Sorry, Megan Krafka, I was more focused on torching Gary Miller. But, thanks to the Placer GOP, Megan Krafka got the support she needed to put her over the top (her campaign was excellent in its’ own right). In the Roseville High School District, my friend Julie Hirota got re-elected (I disagreed with the Placer GOP when they pulled her endorsement) along with Heidi Hall and Pete Constant gaining first-time election. Again, the Placer GOP was front and center in this effort. The three Republicans did so well that 4th Place finisher Greg Carnage could only muster half the votes of Heidi Hall. Ouch.
  7. Brynne Kennedy. Get lost. What a waste of $1Million.
  8. Rocklin City Council. The three GOP Incumbents benefitted from the activity in the School District race, all won easily. I hope that the Placer GOP takes the time to get to know Ken Broadway a little better. Broadway is a good man and is approachable. Perhaps the dialogue can help Ken adjust some of his decisions in the future. Josh Rolph did well, I hope the Placer GOP keeps him involved somehow.
  9. Susan Goto. She is the candidate that shelled Rene Aggie-Lair-Uh 72-28. For that reason alone, Goto deserves sainthood. The Placer GOP played a role in helping her piledrive Placer County’s original political dumpster fire.

The whole committee (sans Hudson and Jones) deserves commendation for what they did.