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Dear OCGOP, I’m back. The unfortunate fact is that the rampage of William “Bill” Brough is going to have lasting effects for years to come. BTW – Brough still has a CCW Permit despite everything that has come out about him. While you guys are asking the tough questions of Moorlach, I’d like to request that some of you call the Sheriff and ask him to reconsider Brough’s CCW. Brough’s rampage against women has a disgusting and brutal nexus within the office of former Senator John Moorlach. (Read on)

When your intrepid blogger took up the case of William “Bill” Brough, it was the day after OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett broke a multi-year silence over an incident that occurred while both were on a local City Council.

It took six months to turn the tide of the OCGOP against William “Bill” Brough as the expose Right on Daily did uncovered devastating facts. We had several victims, including two well known political operatives in Orange County come forward with their stories (some after being outed by Bill Brough himself). This time we do not have six months to drag the Orange County GOP in to action – so please take heed now.

What many of you may have missed is that even more victims have come forward. Specifically, I have written about two sexual assaults perpetrated by Brough against two victims known to me who requested anonymity. I have been reticent to write about a lot of the people who came forward with stories, but I have become convinced that William “Bill” Brough is a monster with a life pattern of hurting women. The pattern of drunkenness, harassment and physical violence by Mr. Brough is well-known in Sacramento as well.

It seems that Sacramento is infested with a special breed. Just recently, Assemblyman Devon Mathis had a second Chief of Staff fired for sexual misconduct by the Assembly Rules Committee. We’ve seen a dozen democrat staffers get lit up just this year by the “Workplace conduct unit” that was established in the #METOO wake. Senator Moorlach got his own turn with said committee as he appears to have acted inappropriately with several females.

But there is more related to former Senator John Moorlach and his long time Consultant and one time Chief of Staff Tim Clark. I have been open and brutal in my criticism of both of them. Part of the brutality is driven by what I know and have not disclosed related to this story. I held many facts in confidence for months while working with the victim to get her assistance and justice. She has recently allowed me to go in to graphic detail about the incident that changed her life forever. (But has still requested I don’t use her name in the blog because she fears for her safety and specifically references Bill Brough and his CCW permit)

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We are going to refer to her as “Sue”.

“Sue” was a staffer for Senator John Moorlach in 2015. On or about July 7, 2015 “Sue” had a meeting with Assemblyman Bill Brough at the Elephant Bar on Arden Way in Sacramento. There were legislative issues that crossed boundaries within Orange County that necessitated the meeting. “Sue” and Brough met and she indicated that Brough had been drinking before they met and he had a few more with his dinner. “Sue” and other staffers have indicated multiple times that Brough was well known for being a drunk and a pig to women in the building.

The Pig was about to graduate. Brough followed “Sue” to her car after dinner and proceeded to assault her in the parking lot. He then forced her in to the back of her car and without getting in to the extremely graphic details, Brough raped “Sue”. As is common for rape victims, “Sue” still fears Brough to this day.

Let’s be clear, I know the victim and I believe her. The details are so specific and her recollection of details has it beyond question this event is very real to her.

On or about July 9 or 10 2015, (the 7th was a Tue) “on Thursday or Friday, Tim Clark called me in to his office”, she said. She proceeded to tell your intrepid blogger that Clark noticed that her demeanor had completely changed. According to “Sue” due to the culture that existed at the time in Sacramento, she did not disclose to Clark what had happened when he called her in to his office.

It was later at the CAGOP Convention in September of 2015 (an internet search indicates 9-18-2015 thru 9-20-2015 were the dates) that “Sue” finally broke down and told Tim Clark what happened. The immediate reaction of John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff was to instruct her to tell no one and not to file a complaint with the assembly rules committee. He also discouraged her from going to law enforcement as well.

(Note: Clark was Moorlach’s campaign consultant until Sept 2020 when GOP Senate leadership forced a change due to his incompetence. Moorlach has since re-hired him to run his OC Supervisor campaign)

“Sue” was specific with me, she did not tell Clark that Bill Brough was the perpetrator, Clark himself identified Brough. This is how bad Brough’s reputation was. Moorlach’s office knew. Yet, still they covered up a rape by Bill Brough. John Moorlach is not going to be able to avoid answering for this as the victim has finally had the courage to come forward to the authorities. At some point Moorlach will have to tell what he knew and when he knew it, under oath.

“Sue” was able to hold on until the end of the 2016 session before resigning because she could not endure the situation working in a small office with people that knew what happened to her. John Moorlach never attempted to help, protect or defend his staff member that got raped by Bill Brough.  After three years of working for him, John Moorlach didn’t even bother to reach out to ask why she was leaving.

“Sue” is finally in a career separated from the Sacramento Cesspool and as such, finally felt comfortable coming forward. I can not relate to the fear or the complete dehumanizing violation – but I am told that the fear, reluctance to come forward, time delays and the like are very common with rapes. She has indeed spoken to investigators in the California Legislature and has discussed the involvement of Moorlach’s office several times in 2020.  This formal complaint is still open and I can guarantee that Moorlach’s office involvement in the coverup will be made public.  The Democrats will not hesitate to use it once again to slaughter Moorlach before the election.

Moorlach has no business running for yet another position, while there is an open investigation of his office for covering up the rape of one of his staffers.

John Moorlach lost his election due in no small part to losing several suburban woman votes. The OC Sheriffs absolutely nuked him with the validated claims about his behavior. They are going to decimate the OCGOP (and rightly so) if the Orange County Republican Party doesn’t distance itself from John Moorlach. He is not who you think he is, the magic is gone.

If you are reading this and you are thinking of supporting John Moorlach, think through the optics of a Candidate whose State Senate Office was a party to the cover-up of the rape of one of his staffers. If you think Republicans had problems in Orange County with female voters, inject that issue with steroids given this issue with John Moorlach. It makes the noogie caper pale in comparison, but establishes a pattern between Moorlach and women that is terrible.

If by some miracle, the money spent against Moorlach doesn’t permanently damage his career and he manages to squeeze through in a special election, this cover up will be twice as bad for the entire ticket in two years.  Anyone that has endorsed or will endorse Moorlach will be forever tied to the cover up. Endorsing Moorlach when you know there is an open investigation, makes you complicit.

As you all know, everything I wrote about Bill Brough has stood up to scrutiny. This post about John Moorlach will as well. I invite any political leaders (aka party leadership / local electeds who are truly interested in following up on this) in Orange County to contact me at and I will connect you with the victim. Several of you have my cell phone, the number has not changed in 23 years.

It is time for John Moorlach to retire and enjoy his bloated public pension at taxpayer expense.

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