Nov 222020

This is people’s exhibit 101 for why the GOP has a problem with Women.

Our official Fred Whitaker Meme.

It is has come back to your intrepid blogger that Fred Whitaker – the Chair of the OCGOP has doubled down on John Moorlach and is pushing him even harder in the wake of Right on Daily breaking the story about a staffer of John Moorlach getting raped by Bill Brough.

Remember, it took Right on Daily hammering Bill Brough for six months to get movement out of Fred Whitaker.

The design defect with Conservatives in general is that they are logically based, cynical and skeptical as a breed. Whitaker has been heard telling people this issue with Moorlach is a political attack, despite watching the Bill Brough horror be validated right before his eyes. You’d think Mr. Whitaker would take pause.

Mr. Whitaker, what about the Rape Victim?

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It is also the opinion of this blogger that Fred Whitaker has taken the criticism on Right on Daily uber-personal and it is this animus that is driving him to double-down on John Moorlach. Rather than advising people vet the situation with the rape victim, Whitaker is taking the expedient route and absolving John Moorlach of responsibility in the cover up of the felony.

In addition, there are validated complaints of misconduct between Moorlach and female staff beyond the staffer that got raped by Bill Brough! What part of this is Whitaker missing? Or, is he that upset with Right on Daily that he has to impose his will on the political process?

Meantime, there are voters out there – suburban Women Voters that will look at this behavior and will puke out Republicans at the ballot box in 2022. (and in 2021.) Imagine what the OC Police Union will do with this? I am going to make sure this rape victim gets justice one way or the other, I’d sincerely like to see that the Orange County Republican Party is NOT collateral damage.

People need to contact the leadership of the OCGOP and tell them to remove themselves from the situation and think through the political consequences of ignoring the rape victim, the situation and pushing an ill-advised early endorsement of John Moorlach.

John Moorlach needs to retire and take his ghastly pension and get a cabin on noogie-land ranch somewhere.

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