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First off, take a look at this photo from a classroom. This is essentially the teacher’s union throwing a temper tantrum because the Rocklin Unified School District voted for a Hybrid re-opening.

Apparently, Rick Miller did not support staying shut down. The feckless lawyer coward (that is what I think of him and I am glad he is retiring) Eric Stevens is so afraid of COVID he was shaking at the most recent RUSD board meeting. Good riddance, if you are that weak Mr. Stevens, get help now for your fears. Joining Eric in the Shutdown psychosis is the human mushroom herself Camille Maben. After 28 years of polluting the minds of our children, it is really time for her to retire to a hippie commune.

My hope is that when the good candidates for Rocklin School Board win, that our children will no longer be subject to the abuse of the 3 member ruling junta and the teacher’s union. This is dehumanizing and stupid. These kids will have scars from being purposefully robbed of part of their childhood by a bunch of so-called teachers that wanted to get paid for not working and people in all levels of government dedicated to wrecking people’s lives to win an election.

If you are not convinced that the Rocklin Teacher’s Union is in need of an exorcism and the leaders should all have their teaching credentials yanked – look at this:

Read this as many times as needed. The Teacher’s Union President was asking the members to lie. Don’t give specifics he says, just ID yourself as high risk.

This sounds similar to the union abusing the grievance system in a last minute desperate attempt to stop the RUSD from re-opening.

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You can also see the clear contempt that the Rocklin Teacher’s Unions has for the Rocklin Unified School District Board because they are not pillaging the treasury to get even more overpaid than they already are.

I’ve been told by a few people that visit RUSD Board Meetings that the conduct of Travis Mougeotte and others that show up on behalf of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has been abhorrent. This includes Travis lecturing the board as if he is a kindergarten teacher castigating unruly students.

Why am I not surprised? Soliciting people to identify themselves as High Risk and using the greivance process to keep the school district shut down so they can get paid for not working? Yes, this is the Rocklin Teacher’s Union.

I am told there are a group of teachers disgusted by this behavior. Given the way the union has rigged the voting process and the endorsement process – it is going to be difficult to the extreme to unseat the dishonest, corrupt leadership with more ethical and reasonable people.

… and these people are “educating” our children. Good Lord.

P.S. ICYMI Below are screenshots of emails soliciting people to oppose re-opening before they filed their bogus greivances and ran a media drill.

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