Oct 082020

With tip supporters like Millie Yan, it sure looks like Michelle Sutherland does not need Antifa or BLM showing up on her behalf anymore.

Millie Yan looks like a bully and my friends in the local GOP tell me she is an attorney (shocker) and that she is a loudmouth at local events and school board meetings. It appears that Yan likes living in the clean, well-run City of Rocklin with good police and fire protection and wants to bring her extreme left-wing views to Rocklin. If Millie had her way, Rocklin would have no churches, police and would be full of riots and homeless camps. It appears she is too stupid to understand it is the leftist democrats she supported for office that wrecked her former home in the Bay Area. This is quite typical, people leave the Bay with zero self-awareness that the communists they supported are the ones that wrecked it.



You can see Millie at work here. Allow your intrepid blogger who is also an insurance agent for a living (meaning I protect people from attorneys) take Millie apart piece by piece.

Note – Destiny Church ended up not being a target of leftist protestors recently as law enforcement had picked up on comments by a few extremists and were prepared. That said, it appears that Millie hates Christians and attacks Destiny Church directly. Does Michelle Sutherland agree with this? Do these women think the Church should be exterminated from the debate?

I have known of Millie Yan for a long time. She has been a huge booster of Camille Maben, SB48, AB1672 and the whole raft of family-destroying values-shredding psychosis being handed down from Sacramento.

Yan also attacks the informed parents of Rocklin – another indicator of her vitriol and extreme leftist leanings. A key tenant of communism and socialism is separating Children from their parents and indoctrinating them in schools. It appears Millie’s emphatic support of Michelle is because this is Michelle Sutherland’s vision for Rocklin as well.

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Like the arrogant attorney bully she is, she accuses Tiffany Saathoff of committing a crime when her Candidate Statement and Ballot title were vetted and approved by the County Elections Office. This is typical bluster from attorneys, having been threatened by people like Millie Yan so many times I have lost count – I simply mock the stupidity of them. This would include posting the legal threats from the idiot Placer County Counsel.

Perhaps Millie Yan should call Placer County Counsel and confirm that she has as much of a case against Tiffany as the County of Placer does against your intrepid blogger – as in none.

It also appears that the unholy leftist-athiest alliance between Michelle Sutherland, Millie Yan and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are as much about taking on local churches as they are about brainwashing our children and keeping the schools shut down.

If you run in to Millie on social media – don’t let her bully you. I think she is a moron and calling her a moron is not even libel. She would have to prove that you knew she wasn’t a moron when you called her a moron. Good luck on that. I also laid out a case for why I think she is a psychotic communist – cut and past this blog and troll her with this post.

P.S. Look at Michelle Sutherland’s campaign finance reports. Millie Yan is on there for $1500 and Camille Maben for $1000. I am waiting for the Chinese Government to show up next.

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