Sep 092020

Gotta love those Bay Area liberals and their fake Indians.

It looks like Captain Mugshot, Greg Carnage has decided to check in. I also see Scott Alvord all over his social media as well. Winning friends and influencing people is what we are about at the Right on Daily Blog. That is when we aren’t triggering lefties because we use the same tactics they do…

Ah yes! A Chief Ganja sighting. It looks like Carnage is making the rounds (take a look at his photos) meeting all the right people!

I think Jack “Chief Ganja” Duran is still emotionally scarred post 2018. (ahem, I was responsible for this too… the horror)

It has come to my attention that Carnage and more of Team Alvord Roseville police have taken to calling the Placer Registrar because the website has triggered them. Perhaps they are seeing images of the Orange Man, or perhaps the website is well made and has an effective message causing them to feel a loss of control. (Similar to whiny Carnage)

Like the leftists they are, they are trying to cancel things they don’t like. Unfortunately for them, your intrepid blogger has been a political dude for over 20 years. I know the rules.

Conservative Shirts 2 970×350

I’d assume Mr. Carnage is running to bring the following brainwashing to your Children in the Roseville High School District:

Got it? Being male is bad. Screw anything you want. No Borders Allowed. Masks, lockdowns and government control. (you know, science) Oh and of course some lives matter more than others. (This photo came from a zoom session in another school district and was captured by a parent seeing the brainwashing and grooming of her child)

Get it? and of course, be kind to all, as in have no controversial opinions (definitely leave the maga hat at home). Team Alvord Roseville Police (who want to de-fund Roseville Police).

Well lookie here! Some local democrats took a break from calling in complaints against Tracy Mendonsa’s business to whine about my new website Anyone that thinks these people are not being organized is lying, suffering from dementia or has been in the public schools too long.

Note to Mr. Carnage: if you are going to educate (ahem brainwash) our children, please learn the difference between their and they’re. Thanks.

Nancy is one of my favorite Placer County Democrat pinkos. She is also a sychopant of Team Alvord Roseville Police. I’d lay odds that she has a moment of silence every time she passes the abortion clinic on Sunrise when out shopping.

And, no left-wing conspiracy fantasy in Placer County would be complete without a KIRK UHLER sighting! Stick around folks, Uhler will be here another three months! (YAY!)

What is Team Alvord Roseville Police going to do next? (I know what I am doing next… to be continued…)

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  One Response to “Team Alvord Roseville Police Update (even though they want to defund the police): Meet Greg Carnage! Meet the Cancel Crew! They Went After Yours Truly!”

  1. Nice try with the “defund the police” comment. Considering I strongly supported growing the police department and adding a Beat 7, it’s kind of a silly comment. You know I’m both the son and the father of a police officer, right? I’m a big supporter of our police. Roseville is well ahead of the curve in many ways.

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