Sep 092020

Whoopsie. This is a 4×8 of Karm Bains opponent in the Supervisor Runoff, Tej Maan.

You’ve probably seen campaign signs for Tej Mann around town – But now, many of those signs for that candidate running for Sutter County District 4 supervisor – have been vandalized. The Appeal-Democrat reports around 20 signs, along Bridge Street and Walton Avenue, were damaged late Monday or early Tuesday – including some where the actual face of the candidate was cut out. Mann says it’s a huge blow as he finances the campaign out of his own pocket. Anyone with information or video related evidence is urged to contact the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office.

Source KUBA 1680 News. Another – the Appeal Democrat.

Given that your intrepid blogger has uncovered a decade of bad blood between Tej Maan and Karm Bains, why not hack a few 4×8’s to add to the arrests and brawls from past campaigns? Tej Maan defeated one of Karm’s relatives for a seat on Yuba City – City Council in 2010.

Given that Karm Bains has been attempting to intimidate people attending events for Tamika Hamilton in Sutter County by photographing them, it appears that the lifelong pattern of being in trouble and causing trouble is still very strong.

It is also clear that Karm Bains learned nothing from the 4 alcohol related incidents he’s had which appear to include 3 DUI’s.

Karm Bains is a mess. There is no reason anyone should trust this guy, let alone elevate him to county supervisor where he has the ability to make decisions of consequence.

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