Sep 302020

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is having a coming out party.

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union endorsed the crazed Far-Left Michelle Sutherland (whose Biden Flag Flies outside her house), Camille Maben and amazingly, Julie Leavens-Hupp for Rocklin School Board.

So, they sent out some social media:

It looks like the far left leadership on the Rocklin Teacher’s Association forgot one of their endorsees. I guess Republicans are not allowed in their minds – only extreme lefties that support AB 1672, SB777, SB48 and the like make the cut. (Look em up, transgender sports and bathrooms, anti-religious history, anti-family brainwashing and the like)

The other thing the arrogant condescending leadership of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has done is declare war on the parents of Rocklin that want to restore sanity to the Rick Miller feuled rampage in Rocklin.

I’ve been told by people with inside knowledge that the president of the Rocklin Teacher’s union gets extremely hostile when parents question the agenda of the wacked out element of teachers that control the union. He also is known for condescending lectures at board meetings in response to questions or agenda items.

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I was told specifically that the process for endorsing within this splinter union resembles the old soviet union. People meet in local groups and then a representative goes to the presidium where the leaders allegedly get the input from the local members. The process is tightly controlled and is far from transparent. The union apparently does not hold open voting or much of an open forum.

Now – let’s note that the information on this meme from the union is also misleading. Sutherland’s “career” in education started recently. Maben has no kids in the district. Hell, given that the leadership of the union probably all read the New York Times, I am sure their idea of facts and accuracy is as warped as AB1672 and Rick Miller.

Note that the equally as crazed Theresa Landon has been on a neurotic rampage to avenge her perceived offense (I guess it has not occurred to her that she is a jerk and people did not want to appoint her to the Rocklin USD? At least I think she is a jerk and crazy and have presented evidence to back it up) by rampaging publicly for Michelle Sutherland. If I was Sutherland I’d ask her to stop as having Theresa Landon supporting me is like encouraging riots to win public support for your cause.

Oh wait, Sutherland is all about that stuff.

P.S. Michelle – I have a nice screenshot where you admit you don’t display the signs of other stealth democrat candidates for office for fear of identifying them.  Whoops. Try being honest for a change, it is revolutionary.

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  One Response to “Rocklin Teacher’s Union Update: Out of the Closet With a Partisan Agenda? This is who is Brainwashing er Educating Our Children???”

  1. Thank you. Your blog has been very helpful in preparing for the 2020 vote! I am a 3rd generation Roseville / Rocklin resident and I had to move, due to Democratic ruin, to Texas. I came back to care for a friend who broke her neck. Thanks for bringing me up to speed on who the losers are that are destroying young minds. I allowed my 5 kids to debate the teachers when they started comin with the bull, they spent a lot of time in the hallway but they’re better for it.

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