Sep 192020

HI, I’m Aaron, your intrepid blogger.

Apparently, there is a crew of moonbats trying to get me shut down and or prosecuted because they can’t handle the beating. I am one dude, you’d think I was CNN or CBS lying about the President every day! I have been doing political work since 1998 and have amassed 28 legal demand letters over my career. I’ve never even been served let alone been to a hearing or discovery.

Still others don’t know how to click links on social media or look at the “About” section on stuff they see. It is pretty easy to figure out what I am doing since I don’t hide.

I am the President of the Placer Good Government PAC and despite the efforts of the Placer Moonbat crew our facebook ads are still cranking because we know election law and play by the rules – unlike liberals that want to harvest and fabricate mail ballots.

Moonbat” is a pejorative political epithet used in United States politics, referring to liberals, progressives, or leftists (especially the far-left), a possible parallel to the pejorative “Wingnut” attributed to American conservatives, and right-wing politics.[1]

We have two official logos for the Placer Good Government Pac – the first logo is proudly displayed on our website:

Conservative Shirts 2 970×350

The second logo you will find proudly displayed on the Placer Good Government PAC Facebook Pages:

Third is an example of the vital public service we are performing as we inform Placer County who the candidates of Good Government are. Strong Police, Fire, no Lockdowns, no Dehumanizing Mask Mandates, we support Having Children in School and Business open. Our candidates understand that Churches are more important to society than “peaceful riots” and desire Placer County to stay one of the last livable areas in California. The PGGPAC was literally founded to forestall the tide of people moving in from other areas that neither understand Placer’s way of life nor how they are trying to wreck it by importing politics from other parts of the country.

Perhaps this is why leftist bureaucrats and the Placer Moonbat crew are trying to silence us.

Get a good look, because a lot more of these ads are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Placer County is not a communist utopia with a mayor and/or a DA that support and encourage riots. Placer County is like the rest of America.

Come Get Some.

— Love Aaron, YOUR Intrepid Blogger.

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