Sep 172020

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That’s right – straight from a teacher in the district. The CTA and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are telling their members to abuse the grievance process in a desperate attempt to prevent the Rocklin School District from re-opening. I wish they were as passionate about teaching Children as they are about trying to avoid working.

Here’s a tid bit. Teachers union meeting happening now — Union has told teachers to file any grievance they can find and to just keep filing grievances:

CTA is telling us to look for things to file grievances about. They are encouraging us to log into RTPA to support them tonight. They are pushing us to block the opening of school.

Laura Schultz is the Sacramento CTA leader and Travis Mougeotte (SP?) is the RUSD rep.

As if we have not provided enough evidence: The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is completely out of control. I hope the Rocklin Unified School District imposes a contract on them and fires the whole lot of them if they go on strike. If the majority of teachers oppose this insane desire to screw over our children and the taxpayers, then it is time for them to speak out otherwise it is safe to say they support this crap.

Then there is the Placer County Democrat Party – they hate Kirk Uhler. They helped elect Suzanne Jones (who publicly spoke in favor of the continued lockdown of Placer County). Not coincidentally, the two faced Jim Holmes’ campaign manager popped up out of the political toilet bowl:

Darren Huppert, ladies and gentlemen. He is Jim Holmes’ campaign brain. He is also a liberal moonbat.

Why am I not surprised to see this? Suzanne Jones is basically parroting Jim Holmes’ talking points about continuing to strangle Placer County with a lockdown. I am wondering if the RINO Suzanne Jones is calling other counties like Jim Holmes telling them to ignore Placer County?

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Then there is extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller. He is a board member on the Roseville City School District. I have long written that he believes everyone that disagrees with him is a homophobe. He has called your intrepid blogger a homophobe. Whatever, Gary is a wackjob – don’t take my word for it, read his own words:

Not Cracker Barrel? I mean they did bad things 30 years ago, we can’t let them open a store in Rocklin!

Remember, this guy is making decisions about the education of your children and he is gay first, everything else second.

Then there is this parent taking Gary out behind the woodshed. Gary could not help himself:

Read and re-read Gary’s Comment. It sounds an awful lot like LaMills Garrett. Gary’s bastardized history has nothing to do with him being Gay, it has to do with him being out of his mind.

And here is Gary Miller advocating for keeping Roseville’s Schools Locked down. It appears that Team Alvord Roseville Police and the national democrat party are campaigning on an America Keyed to Sickness. This is a losing strategy, but may be the only path they think they have.

To be continued as people like Miller, LaMills and Alvord continue to be their own best advocates!

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